Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 5





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Ignatova A.A. Nature and consciousness essence comprehension within the metatheoretical approach



 Philosophy of science



Basilaia M.A. Global problems and noospheregenesis principles  



 Social philosophy



Kuznetsova L.M. Language within the context of social  


Krolivetskaya I.E. Technologies of remythologization in terms of Russian society


Kiryachek E.A. Values transformation of families in Russia


Bulanov N.I. The genesis of imperious relations of man's exploitation



 Philosophical antropology



KovalenkoE.M.  Culture as a semiotic system in the conceptions of C. Levi-Strauss and R. Barthes


Evlannikova I.V. The problem of a man within the context of the eastern-Christian spiritual tradition  


Demidchenko I.V. The world history conception in the Middle ages: the problem of completion in Christian eschatology


Vakhrusheva E.Ju. The idea of the beauty within the context of ancient classical aesthetics


Kryukova O.N., Litvinenko L.L. The formation of trust culture in the “knowledge society”


Jurchenko M.A. Solitude and the problem of the existential communication  


Kovalev Ju.A. Heuristics of cultures of the anthropological approach to the analysis of culture forms translations in the architectural sphere design


Nanaeva B.B. The mindset of the Chechen people in terms of social and political transformations of the XX century



 Theory of culture



Rodionova V.I. Social and cultural practices: the aspects of philosophic and cultural analysis


Stradanchenkov A.S. Philosophic and cultural aspect of the notions “legislation” and “law”


Velikaya N.A. Cultures dialogue: cultural and philosophic aspect


Detochenko L.S. The symbolism of passion in the culture of the Silver age


Rakhno E.V. The peculiarities of ethnic cultures and human values


Shushunova Z.R. The comprehension phenomenon of cultural and semiotic space of the theater



 History of philosophy



Zotova I.V. Hegel and postmodernism  



 Religion science



Buttaeva A.M. Ethnoconfessional situation in modern Republic of Dagestan  



 Arts study



Bondarenko L.K. Situational history of art as one of the strategies of modern history of art



 Social science



Kotelnikov D.S. Regional identities: social essence and formation peculiarities in Russia  


Bondarenko N.G. Philosophic and theoretical bases of social processes modeling in modern sociology


Kucherenko A.N. Time as an interactive phenomenon


Petrulevich I.A. Sense of justice of the Russian population and the response of law


Chumakov S.V. Sociological approaches to the analysis of housing and communal sphere  


Martynjuk I.A. The image of an ideal dwelling


YankinaI.A. The quality of population lifestyle as a criterion of urban sphere management effectiveness


Smykov I.S. The consumers' social typology of communal water-supply services


Romanovskaya E.S. Conceptual approaches to the formation of the Far East population  


Chernyavskaya E.A. Pupils' health problems and the ways of their salvation in terms of modern school  


Zvereva T.V. The condition and the development tendencies of tax services officials and tax-payers interaction







Puzoschatova A.V. Management of service sphere: strategy, principles, stages


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