Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 3





Philosophy of science



Alieva N.Z. Synergistic construct of natural and science education self-organization


Zezoulko A.V. Dynamics of scientific-and-technical development in the XX century and sociocultural reaction on it




Social philosophy



Beduev V.L. Globalization influence on taking political decisions within information society


Pouzko V.I. Self-comprehension principle in individual being constituting in terms of multiculturalism and transculturalism


Tsymbal E.A. Social manipulation technologies as a way of world media picture construction of information society


Pokhilko A.D. Social self-determination bases


Zhubinskiy A.I. Semiotic background of individual's sovereignty in information society


Sklyarova E.A. Philosophic and cultural theories of the New order


Gubanova M.A. Peculiarities of social form in culture, its communicative and information character


Guseinova Zh.O. On the question of society and nature interaction problem




Philosophical anthropology



Builo B.I. N. Berdyaev's sociocultural anthropology


Piletskiy S.G. Revenge idea and Niccolo Machiavelli study


Goloub-Berezhnaya M.P. Estrangement as matrix of man's social existing


Roudenko A.M. Emotionality as a criterion of man's existence in terms of XXI century


Malinina N.L. Fashion and artistic images correlation


Petrova Ju.A. Youth slang as language component of subculture




Theory of culture



Abramova N.A. Chinese culture and its translation into Russian sociocultural space


Brachoun T.A., Sakhibgoryev V.Kh. Globalization and relict ethnic group: on the question of the Chukchi culture genesis


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. “Simulacrum” and management in culture


Savelova E.V. Myth and formation existential analytics as universal cultural forms



Religious studies



Nesmeyanov E.E. Problem of religion science and spiritual-and-moral culture teaching in polyconfessional region


Bourova L.A. New religion movements formation and reaction of society on their distribution in European countries in 60-70s XX century






Mikhailov S.V. Law values methodology: notion-and-categorial analysis


Boldirev S.N. Law interpretation as a problem of law technique


Misnik N.N. Land property and a building (erection) on it in a range of thing classification


Kalinicheva E.P. Law nature of forced license on invention, useful model, industrial sample and selection achievement


Shlikova A.V. Formation of the prerogative right for the intellectual activity results and equated to them means of individualization, subject to the state registration



Social science



Fedorchuk E.A. Strategic partnership of the state and business to satisfy social demands


Kourbanova L.U. Law culture as a factor of individual's gender self-identity (sociological analysis)


Vaskov M.A. Estimation of management culture effectiveness realization in commercial organization: sociological approach


Ivanova M.S. Marginal groups in modern Russian society



Political studies



Rozin M.D. Research on the processes of international interactions and ethnocultural adaptation in South Russia


Goncharov V.N. Social information and political system of society



Literature study



Sorokina T.E. On two dominating types of historysophic cognition in modern Russian prose


Sevostyanov D.A. Inversive relations of dual personages in fiction






Koudinova T.A. National specificity of substandard and the problem of lexical loaning






Cherkasova M.A. Cultural function of education


Choukhno A.G. Philosophic approaches to the problem of creativity within education process


Taranenko N.Ju., Cherkasov V.P. Pedagogical psychology formation as an idea of education and science synthesis



Ivanovskaya T.V., Napravnikova V.V. “Formation of health lifestyle” program establishment as an initial stage of children and teenagers sanitation






Golovko M.V. Political and economic approach to the investigation of shadow relations in economy


Gorbacheva A.A. State politics of food supply security


Kozlova E.I., Mouradova S.Sh. System construction of an enterprise competitive ability formation on the background of marketing-and-logistic approach


Taushanzhi K.P., Radova L.P. Methods improvement of investment projects selection


Borodaeva E.A. Economic and optimizational control system of competitiveness of seasonal application techniques



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