Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 4








Ivanova O.A. Sense simulation in philosophy of communication of J. Baudrillard


Vodyanikova I.F. General and particular theories of linguistic relativism in the creative work of M.K. Petrov



Philosophy of science



Bouryakova O.S. Information and knowledge: notions interconnection


Bourmenskaya D.N. On the question of non Christian religious sources of science within the New age


Zezoulko A.V. Scientific-and-technical progress in the XIXth century within the humanitarian idea


Mouradyan O.A. Science genesis problem within the conception of “philosophic science” of M.K. Petrov


Zakharov A.V. Theories of worlds' plurality in modern science and post-philosophy. On the verge of new world outlook


Vodenko K.V. Scientific knowledge and religious idea: correlation problem



Social philosophy



Malygina G.V. Global projects within the value dimension


Gazgireeva L.Kh. Modern values as a mode of integrity existence of spiritual-and-cultural, spiritual-and-practical activity


Glushko I.V. Social trust problem in terms of global communication


Roukhlo A.A. Internet addictive people in modern reality



Philosophical anthropology



Kouznetsova M.A. Creative work as a feature of Life


Papchenko E.V. Art and science interrelations in the decision of sensitivity problem


Roudenko A.M. Conceptual bases of emotional determination of a man's sense-and-life intentionalism


Kamalova O.N. Intuition cognition problem in the irrational philosophy



Religious studies



Nourilova A.Z., Mouslimov S.Sh. On the genesis of monotheism in abrahamatic religions


Sharkov I.G., Bourmenskaya D.N., Polozhenkova E.Ju., Leonova M.S., Noskova L.V. Logos problem on Cristian-and-Orthodox culture conception


Koulakova B.A., Pokhilko A.D. Muslim culture comprehension: symbolic code of daily life



Philosophy of culture



Sheludko G.V. Culture of services as a philosophic problem


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Be careful: modern culture or Management as manipulation in culture


Filonova E.I. Mechanism of economics integration in culture


Lysak I.V. Problem of culture identity preservation in terms of globalization


Shvachkina L.A. Cultural universals: mercy phenomenon


Shoubina M.M. Consideration of barbarism formation and essence in modern historiography


Brachoun T.A. The Chukchi ethnic group: integration and assimilation






Goutieva M.A. Peculiarities of national movement of North Caucasus hillmen within the period of all-national crisis of 1917-1921


Moiseeva O.V. Development of consumer's cooperation in the Southern Russia during the First World War (on the material of Don, Kuban and Stavropol regions)



Social science



Fedorchouk E.A. Peculiarities of life quality identification and management within the context of state and business institutions interaction


Choulanov V.A., Gourba V.N. Theoretical and practical problems of terrorism


Belousova A.A. Youth subculture in the USA and Russia: the experience of the comparative analysis






Mikhailov S.V. Principle of equal rights in the system of legal values


Bessarabov R.A. Law socialization within the state mechanism


Boldyrev S.N. Elective technologies in politics as means of judicial technique


Kalinicheva E.P. Reward term in the license contract


Ausheva M.O. Problems of qualification and norm improvement on the illegal usage of brand





Gontarev D.V. Repetition as a base of poetic text coherence






Ulyanitskaya N.M. Economic subject development regulation: objective, dynamic classification, employment management


Reikhanova I.V. Modern tendencies of economic situations development of High school economy: classification problems


Mirskoy V.P. Data of accommodation accessibility and their role in the improvement of state accommodation policy


Serbinovskiy B.Ju., Gavrilyuk G.V. From accreditation to complex organization-and-economic diagnosis of the employee, advanced training and coaching


Tishina Zh.S. E-learning application on the education services market of high professional education



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