Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 3





Philosophy of science and technology



Nesmeyanov E.E., Kolosova O.Yu. Information culture within the context of global processes


Tulivetrov S.N. Peculiarities of competences development of the specialists in organizations of defense industry system


Mamchits D.B. New concept of urban information space (on the example of Rostovlife



Social philosophy



Mustafaev F.M. Theoretical problems of social and philosophic research of Russian civilization security


Koryakin A.A. Problems of personality security: dialectics of contradictions


Ovcharenko D.L. Religion tradition in the context of modern social and the humanities knowledge


Tarantsov V.P., Tarantsova A.V. Conceptual ideas by V.I. Vernadsky on the best people and elite self-consciousness



 Philosophic anthropology



Mozgovaya T.I. Phenomenology of a man in culture ontology 


Builo B.I. Formation of N. Berdyaev’s philosophic ideas


Ageeva N.A. Ethic and law aspects of auxiliary reproductive technologies  



 Philosophy of culture



Borodovskaya M.A. Pleasure and suffering – two polar world experience  



 Religion study



Alilova K.M., Alilov A.N. Nature and a man in religious and philosophic ideas of Christianism


Krasnova A.G. The image of Pharisaism in the new Testament


Zakharov D.S. Formation of Buddhology tradition in terms of Russian Eastern study of XIX – first quarter of XX century


Rudenko A.A. Baptists in Russian law field at the beginning of the XX century (on the example of the Don region)



 Art study



Smirnova T.N. Transcription kinds of musical creativity and their historical expression






Kramskaya S.V. Topical issues of pedagogical process humanization in medical university


Naukhatsky S.V. Formation of the Soviet court in Don region during the years of NEP: personnel problem


Rumyantseva M.A. Marriage and divorce of the urban population in the Middle Volga region in 1956–1965s


Serdyukov G.N. Pretenders and opposition activists of the Time of Troubles in the works of R.G. Skrinnikov






Kotova N.S., Kudryashov I.A. Semantic repetition as an indicator of Boris Poplavsky’s idiostyle


Osipova O.V. Classical Greece in the literature of the 1st century BC: the “Library of History” by Diodorus Siculus and Dionysius’s of Halicarnassus rhetorical treatises


Lyu Syao Nan. Psychoemotional ways of social advertisement impact on the target audience: Chinese experience






Ponomarev P.A., Shubina M.M. Education development in terms of globalization


Bronzova Zh.E. Formation of the main translation skills for technical texts of non-linguistic university students of elementary level


Kanukova D.K. Possibilities of projecting method for creative development of a student at foreign language classes at VTS


Mikheeva T.B. Tendencies of development of post-degree pedagogical education (on the example of system of professional development of the teacher-language and literature teacher of multiethnic school)



Political study



Tskhovrebova A.Z. Russian Federation and modern processes in geopolitical space of the Caucasus



Social study


Marchenko T.A., Braiko D.N., Pereverzeva O.V. Social aspects of student self-management study





Chaika A.V. Terrorism as a way of consciousness barbarism





Rozova N.N. Formation of the corporative social responsibility institution in Russian economy


Malsagov A.I. Stages of strategic planning of regional economy development


Chebotareva N.V. Systematization and development of theoretical approaches to the essence of e-money



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