Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 5







Takhtamyshev V.G., Tsymbal E.A. Consumption ideology – liberalism product of modern Russia


Grekov I.M. Comprehension of “psychic centers” of a man in anthroposophy of the “forth way”


Kulagina G.N. Xomo urbanus in L.Andreev's interpretation


Ageeva N.A. Ethics and law aspects of transplantation science


Zholobova I.K. Dialectics of normal and abnormal sexuality in modern philosophic idea



Religious science



Dubinin A.E. Cognitive functions of faith and religious experience


Roudenko A.A. Church of Seventh-Day Adventists in pre-revolutionary Russia on the example of the Don region


Raevsky A.N. The future of New Age movement: development or stagnation?



 Theory of culture



Protokovilova E.A. Binary oppositions as markers of cultural identity






Dmitrieva N.V. Conservative tendencies in national program of native liberalism of early XX century


Popov V.Zh. Influence of petrol crisis on population's every day life of Ukraine's cities between 1917–1920s


Akhmadullin V.A. Hajj of the Soviet Muslims in 1958–1959s


Popova N.A. Cheque stage of privatization within the context of “social self-development”: political course formation






Fefelova O.E. Design and dissemination of innovative pedagogical experience in terms of continual education


Ushaneva Ju.S. Methods as didactic unit in specialists training of art sphere






Grishechko O.S. Performative utterances in modern pragmatics


Esionova E.Ju. Linguastylistic features of analytical texts (on the material of the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”)






Tsechoev V.K. Modern historiography of Russian justice development


Ambariumyan A.S. Formation and development of N.N. Alekseev's political-and-law conception


Bukharova I.V. Law order and culture in psychological law theory of   L.I. Petrazhitsky


Beznisko M.O. Organized crime in Russia and abroad in modern terms


Zherebnenko E.A. Forced labor in the system of punishment


Biryukov A.V. Corruption threat of national interests and presumption of innocence


Taymaskhanov U.Sh. Problems and approaches to the research of law ideal



 Political science



Vorontsov S.A. Security threat formation of Russian Federation as a result of culture crisis


Uznarodov D.I. Political paradoxes of national identity formation in the context of civil society



 Social science



Bogdanova I.N. Influence of stylistic differentiation of corporation culture of the university on the formation of lifestyle of modern students life  


Abirov M.S. Institutions of civil society, contradictions and prospects of functioning efficiency in modern Russia


Sergienko E.S. Conceptual essence of social services: marketing interpretation of their importance


Abakarov R.I., Adiev A.Z. Features of international relations in modern Dagestan






Khachaturyan N.S. Partnership influence of transnational structures and state on infrastructure formation of modern economic activity


Gioev A.V. Role of the state in knowledge economics formation


Babaeva A.A. Directions of the influence of transnational corporation activity on the economy of country-recipient


Borodina I.P., Mirskaya S.Ju. Cognitive analysis of dynamic model of purchasing behavior



 Remarks on books



Malakhova N.N. History of arts. Authors collective. Moscow, 2013


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