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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 2





Scientist's anniversary



Belov A.V. V.P. Kokhanovsky on the place of science in the structure of social consciousness



Philosophy of science



Vodenko K.V., Matyash T.P., Nesmeyanov E.E. The image of science in the Eastern Christian world


Zaseeva L.T. Game in the context education philosophy  



 Social philosophy



Gazgireeva L.Kh. Spiritual reality as existential-valuable measurement of being


Platonova S.I. Post-nonclassical stage in the social sciences and humanities: departure from naturalism and individualism


Mustafaev F.M. Methodological orientations of the cross-national communication research within Russian civilization security supply


Ageeva N.A. Ethic and law aspects of abortion



 Philosophy of culture



Borodovskaya M.A. Pleasure, labor, creative work: interconnection and integrity



 Religious study



Rudenko A.A. Establishment and formation of the Baptist church in Rostov-on-Don



 Art study



Bondarenko L.K. Main adaptive strategies in modern Russian art study between XX–XXI centuries






Kramskaya S.V. Revolution parties and cultural-enlightenment organizations of the Don (1910–1916s)


Naukhatsky S.V. Formation of the Soviet advocacy in the Don region in early 1920s


Serdyukov G.N., Montero Z.A. Russian tsars of the Time of Troubles from the viewpoint of R.G. Skrinnikov


Makarova V.N., Sklyarova E.K., Chubaryan V.T. Victorian urbanization and the mortality and public health problem in great Britain






Mikheeva T.B., Pankova V.V., Shapovalova E.Yu. Worldview in understanding of language personality of the author and communicant


Ivanova A.N.  Concept “power” in “Seven Parts” by Alfonso X the Wise. Etymological and definition






Egorova E.V., Lopatukhina T.A. Conceptual model of the educational need



 Social study



Labunskaya V.I. Institutional divergence of social education


Abirov M.S. Politics as a social phenomenon


Levaya N.А. Problems of family crisis analysis in works of modern sociologists



 Political science


Chaika A.V. Global terroristic war: on the question of the notion conceptualization





Golik E.N. Priority directions of development of Russian tax system


Peshkova E.P., Kyurdgiev S.P. Systematization of the strategic objectives of sustainable economic growth in the region


Kupchinsky A.V. Main trends and problems of small business structures development in the Rostov region and their prospects on the modern stage of economic development


Dmitrieva V.D. The methodological basis of the research on simulative economy


Sulimenko O.V. Forms and directions of Russian capital export



 Book notes


Protokovilova E.A. History of world civilizations. Textbook. Moscow, 2013


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