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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 1





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Steshenko N.I. The notion of change and the logics of change direction  


Konstantinov D.V. The danger of homogeneous language of description: about the question of the role of addition principle in the sociobiological investigation  


Belyaeva M.A. The moral values of a person: ontological aspect  



 Philosophy of science



Kvartalnova S.E. The correlation of philosophy and mathematics – the way to the expansion of the world perception boundaries


Bondar I.M. The analysis of telecommunicational space in the information society


Polikarpova E.V. The ethic aspects of high-hume technologies  


Dedulina M.A. Hi-Tech: the ethic modus  


Volchenskova O.V. The factors of formation of the educational system in terms of information society


Kolosova O.Ju. The knowledge integration in the ecological picture of world  



 Social philosophy



Goncharov V.N. Conception of “information society”: social and philosophic analysis  


Aslanova M.T. The problems and perspectives of the theory of social rationalism


Baboshin V.V. The nihilistic component in the assessment of sociocultural proceduralism:cognitive aspect  


Krivoshapko Ya.A. Danger and threats of modern virtual world


Baidakova M.Ju. The problem of the will in European philosophy  


Ismailov N.O. Property as an objective basis of justice and freedom  


Pankova I.I. The subject of valeology within the context of social and philosophic comprehension of health


Petrenko R.A. The methods of the man's aggression  overcoming: philosophic aspects



 Philosophical antropology



Sholokhov A.V. The sociocultural inequality as an attributive state of society within the context of general differentiation of the universe


Ribalka E.A. The concepts of institutionalisation and spatial structures of a personality


Dudar T.E. Culture, man and economics. Modern problems through the mirror of Russian social idea in XIX-XX century


Isaev E.A., Gazieva K.A. The place of moral and ethic principles in the system of Caucasian cultural and historical type


Papchenko E.V. The role of the olfactory information in criminalistics  



 Theory and history of culture



Kerimov M.M. The Muslim culture in Russia: ethnoregional peculiarities



 History of philosophy



Shabatura L.N., Furman F.P. Mythologem “nation” in the discourse and idealogical complex of the narodnik movement


Furman F.P. The discourse of populism and the paradigm of the narodnik movement



 Philosophy of law



Vlasova G.B. To the question of the characteristic of court system in Russia  


Turkulets S.E. The horizons of social regulation: philosophic and law aspects



 Philosophy of education



Bogdanova M.A. The mission of the University: through the eyes of a modern student


Kamenskaya E.N. The theoretical bases of gender upbringing



 Social science



Savkova G.V. Demographic processes and transformation of values in the globalizing world


Elnikova G.A., Aliev Sh.A. The systematic approach to the analysis of life strategies  


Kovalev V.V. The formation of artificial stereotypes in the practice of mass media work (on the example of feature films influence)


Yankina I.A. The diagnostics of social problems of the labour market in a provincial town


Kienko T.S. Motivating functions and disfunctions of the social work institution


Zelenova G.V. The professional formation of a specialist in the sphere of sport and sanitary animation


Lukjantsev V.V., Sheludko G.V. The integrity of social philosophic and natural scientific approaches to the service as a type of social reality



 Scientific life



The fates of dialectics and the search of new methodology of social and historic cognition. Round-table dedicated to the 70th anniversary of V.P. Kokhanovskiy  





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