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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 3





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Pazina L.O. Problem of variability of forms of rationality in the modern theory of knowledge


Gutsalov A.A. About the problem of intersubjektivity in Edmund Husserl`s phenomenology from genetic`s viewpoint



Lazareva O.V. The metaphor mechanism functioning in the process of the formation of the myphological image



 Philosophy of science



Nesmeyanov E.E., Matyash T.P. Sciences about spirit and nature in nonclassical philosophy: criteria of difference and the problem of the status



Goncharova Yu.V. At the sources of classical rationality



Fedorovich E.V. The quest of scientific rationality in western philosophic tradition



Alieva N.Z. Postnonclassical formation in the context of the paradigm of instability



Titarenko I.N. The problem of knowledge apriority and methodology of machine teaching



Mezinova G.N. Knowledge and fiction in the history of human culture



Pivneva N.V. The conception genesis of humanism in russian pedagogics



 Social philosophy



Kovazhenkov M.A. Historical forms of administrative thinking of social individual: philosophical analysis



Marinov M.B.  Continuation – the strategic factor of life of an individual in the individualized society



Khachikyan Kh. K. New systematic approach to the study of a man and his place in nature



Nadolinskaya L.N. The constrction of the gender discourse



Yushina S.V. The process of globalization and terrorism



Abregova S.A. The institution of the national  State in the globalized world



Pankova I.I. The historical and philosophical reconstruction of the “upbringing” ana “doctoring” connection in the antique culture



 Philosophical anthropology



Sheleketa V.O. Archetypical reasons of the socio-cultural determination of an individual



Kovaleva E.A. About the meanings of the notion “wisdom”



RezhabekE.Ya., Fetisova A.N. The problem of a man in science fiction



Evseeva L.V. The production of subjectivity and quest for woman's identity



Mavropulo O.S. The problem of human's health determination: antique stage



Kotov S.V., Sakhibgoryaev V.Kh. The meaning of Ernst Creeck's viewpoints in the process of fascism conceptualization


Religion science



Astapov S.N. The dialectics of the rational and irrational in the religious consciousness



Budov A.I. Religious tradaition in the russian civil culture



Mezhidov R.D. On the question of occurrence of radical and extremist directive in Islam



 Theory and history of culture



Pendiurina L.P. Idea as a pattern: on the issue of the culture study


PaniotovaT.S., Sannikova E.V. Utopia after "the end of utopias"



Khoruzhaya S.V. Crisis and degradation processes in culture: interdisciplinary analysis



 Social science



Bazilev I.V. Approaches to the modeling of organisation culture



Nikishina O.V. Social insurance: its essence, basic characteristics, institutional character



Sampiev I.M. National minority and diasporas: correlation and place in national politics



 Political science



Bogonosov M.V. Mass media in the state politics in the sphere of terrorism resistance






Kudelkina E.V. Semantics of phraseo-scheme with base component – not interrogative adverb



Makarova R.S. The semantic analysis of communicative structures with the component how



Kolesnichenko A.N. Slang as means of expression of the category intensity (on the basis of D. Gutsko’s novel “Speaking Russian”)






Khodorich I.A. Methods of economic analysis in extraeconomic spheres of life






Petunin O.V. About the necessity of forming pupil s independence from the point of civilized approach



Zelenova G.V. Some actual aspects of specialist’s professional training for service industry



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