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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 2





Philosophy of science



Basilaia M.A. Global modeling of noospheregenesis


Alieva N.Z. Postnonclassical education: communicative-and-dialogue aspect


Bourmenskaya D.N. Early modern period science formation within the context of protestantism mindset



Social philosophy



Artyukhovich Ju.V. Moral values of the “middle” Russian man


Chernikov P.Ju. Prognostic function in social philosophy


Semenova N.B. Modern conceptions of economic culture


Morozova V.B. Social apathy and its imperatives



 Philosophical anthropology



Sheleketa V.O. Problem of man integrity within the context of “integral approach”


Sklyarova E.A. New order and New World order


Osipova Ju.V. Negative and positive utilitarianism in modern axiology


Shvachkina L.A. Mercy phenomenon in Confucius culture tradition


Goltyaeva E.Ju. Aristotle on the mistakes in definitions


Shoubina M.M. “Roman view” on the barbarism problem: slave relations in Roman society


Rozhkovskiy V.B. Kenosis and death sophiology in S. Bulgakov's philosophic creative work


Papchenko E.V. Philosophy and natural science interaction while solving the sensitivity problem


Bogdanova M.A. Sport activity: sense components (within the paradigm of the activity approach of S.L. Rubinstein)


Petrenko R.A. Destructive and constructive aspects of aggression



 History of philosophy



Fourman F.P. Topical problems of discourse-and-ideological study of the narodnik movement complex



 Culture science



Zimovets L.G. N.A. Berdyaev's culture philosophy as a new variant of culture theology


Brachoun T.A. “First nature” of the Chukchi ethnic group


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Management as culture. Problem definition


Mysova O.S. Notions and principles of hotel services


Komissarova S.A. Club – school of communication



 Religious studies



Levkina N.V. Religion as one of the institutional forms of identification in modern Russian society



 Philosophy of law



Merzhoev M.M. Institutional background of law sources in pre-information society






Antsiferova N.A. Ontological grounds of law order


Mikhailov S.V. Law values classification


Zagorodskiy V.V. Law culture deformation in modern Kazakhstan: notion, consequences, ways of overcoming


Rogova S.V. Institutionalized bases of usual-law system of the Don Cossacks



 Social science



Bondarenko V.I. On the question about the subjects of social alterations


Tourkulets S.E. Law society as an object of social projection


Vaskov M.A. Main tendencies in management culture transformation of modern Russian commercial organizations


Ten Ju. P. Management value bases: comparative analysis of Norway and Russia


Shevchenko A.N. Statistic analysis of divorce proceedings in Shakhty


Rossikhina I.G. Students social exclusion risk decrease as new sociocultural function of secondary professional education system


BondarenkoO.V., Aleshin A.N. Social preconditions of juvenile delinquency







Bondarevskiy D.V. Language evolution: economy law






Reikhanova I.V. Development of infrastructure variations of university economy management



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