Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 4





Philosophy of science



Kotlyarova V.V. Trends in the development of non-classical axiology


Dgioeva D.A. Meaning of sensor technologies providing biological and ecological security


Filatova A.A. Methodology of interdisciplinary in modern science: some problems and prospects of development


Shuvaeva O.M. Forecast of the future man in science fiction



Social philosophy



Pavlova E.L. Crisis as a regulator of the social development: pro et contra  


Kukina E.A. Role and importance of the value idea of classic education in XX–XXI centuries


Bondarenko T.A. Ch. Lash about the future of modern society: “social diagnostics”



 Philosophic anthropology



Chaika A.V. Terrorism as a way of consciousness barbarism



 Philosophy of culture



Borodovskaya M.A. Communication and satisfaction


Korytina M.A. Modernization as cultural integration of the Caucasus region


Grekov I.M., Shumenko M.A. Value and norm foundations of the ethnic culture of the people of North Caucasus and the problem of peculiarities of ethnic migration in the south of Russia


Buttaeva A.M. Relationship of Islamic world outlook and sociocultural dynamics of public values of youth



 Art study



Babich N.F. Dance opera: different approaches to plastic interpretation of the musical text


Dabaeva I.P. Spiritual concert in XIX – early XX centuries in the context of musical culture in Moscow and st Petersburg






Naukhatsky S.V. Grain purchases campaign in North Caucasus between 1927–1928: role of judicial bodies


Podolnikov V.P., Kovaleva O.A. E. Zola’s novel “Defeat” as historical source of French social world outlook during the Frunko-Prussian war and post-war period






Fokina M.V. The positional rules of Russian and German vocals in the context linguadidactics


Ranneva A.P., Mikheeva T.B. Spatial descriptions in a literary text


Sukhomlinova M.A. Structure and semantic characteristics of neologisms in English science and pedagogical discource


Zaditovskaya M.V. System of meaning forming devices in tabloids at the beginning of XXI century






Mamchits N.A., Khachaturyan N.N. To the question on psychological support of the tutor’s activity in student groups






Mukhamatullin R.Yu. Structure and content of cognitive independence of high school students



Social study


Abirov M.S. Modern Russian society, sociocultural peculiarities within transformation of social structure in terms of reforms


Marchenko T.A., Braiko D.N. From pattern to partner nature of interaction between university administration and student self-organization


Isakova O.V. Self-organization of the youth in terms of Russian society transformation: theoretical aspect


Barsegyan V.M. Forms and factors of the youth political activity: classical concepts and modern researches





Panasenkova T.V., Filonich V.V. National forms of global strategies: content, expressions, tendencies


Przhedetskaya N.V. Marketing researches as a means of market development management of education services


Schablykin M.I. Features of concession agreements in the water sector of rural settlements of the region



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