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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 2





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Vinogradova N.L., Leontieva E.Ju. Social space within the context of new ontology


Steshenko N.I. The notion “alteration” in Aristotle's comprehension (linguistic aspect)  


Moushich-Gromyko V.G. “Wave” and “Particle” from the viewpoint of philosophic discourse applied to the material of human relations



 Social philosophy



Moushich-Gromyko A.V. Epistemological sense of social and theoretical truth


Goncharov V.N. Social information in the system conception


Uglov D.V. Theory of Ju. Khabermass's communicative action and discourse as a condition of justice


Builo B.I. Crisis of modern Christianity in the social philosophy of N. Berdyaev


Shalaginova N.A. Criteria bases of marginal groups typologization


Ismailov N.O. To the question of correlation of the justice and right  


Krivoshapko Ya. A. The necessity of information safety in a risk society  



 Philosophy of science



Nesmeyanov E.E. Moscow period in scientific and organization work of Ju.A. Zhdanov: myths and reality  


Vodenko K.V. Genesis and legitimacy of modern European science: the role of world outlook transformations


Polykarpova E.V., Polykarpov V.S. Computer games – new high-hume technology  


Dedulina M.A. The specifics of Hi-Tech introduction in the society  


Kolosova O.Ju. Globalization and national forms of globalization strategies  



 Philosophical antropology



Stanchenko E.I. The problem of human existence in the existential phenomenology of G. Marcel  


Ignatenko T.I. Mentality as the form of social and cultural continuity  


Ribalka E.A. “Open society” and “individual's open space”  


Puzko V.I. The necessity and the possibility of the plurality of the text comprehension ways and self-comprehension of a person in modern cultural context


Cherkasova Ju.Ju. Prison mythology as a means of adaptation of a person to imprisonment conditions



 Religion science



Budov A.I. Orthodox church and power in the civil culture of Russia


Vorozhko Ju.N. The urbanism features of new religious movements as the factors of their negative image formation


Aleskerova S.E. Interconfessional dialogue and ecumenism



 History of philosophy



Demina I.V. The model of a person in the philosophy of L. Feierbach and the classical European metaphysics


Furman F.P. Discourse and ideological complex of the russian narodnik movement through the prism of bibliography



 Philosophy of education



Solovyev A.A. Modern education in the context of postnonclassical type of rationality



 Culture science



Medvedeva T.B. The concept utopia: modern investigations and variety of interpretations  


Mavropulo O.S. The health culture: the category analysis of the culture  


Isaev E.A., Gazieva K.A. The influence of Russian culture on the formation of vainach's humanism values


Baidaeva B.D. The essence and social importance of dowry – urdu of the Chechen and Ingush people



 Social science



Boroday V.A. Economic exchange and trade influence on the society development  


Tkacheva N.A. The problems and peculiarities of migrants' adaptation  


Stasenko O.V. The problem of institutionalization of the modern student family


Zelenova G.V. To the question on the corporative tendencies of specialists preparation


Vagin S.N. To the question on the social institute of army in terms of transformation of the Russian society


Chernisheva G.A. “The academic drift” as a model of sociocultural transformation of the secondary professional education system






Ulyanitskaya N.M., Reikhanova I.V. Method approaches to the mechanisms of service management assessment within the period of the economic crisis  


Magomedova N.M. Improvement of the operating costs management system within the crisis period



Books review



Paniotova T.S., Kosyanenko E.V. Girin J.N. Poetics of the superlimitedness. St. Petersburg, 2008


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