Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 1





Philosophy of science



Kotlyarova V.V. Methodological problems of modern axiology



Social philosophy



Moustafaev F.M. The common and the peculiar of communication process: interaction and communiation


Dymchenko M.E. Social capital and passiveness in contemporary Russia  



 Religious studies



Grekov I.M. Development and interpretation of G.I. Gourdgiev’s ideas in works of his followers






Poustovaya E.P. Important landmarks in Russian constitutionalism formation: granting of Constitutional Charter to Polish Kingdom


Bouttaeva A.M., Alilova K.M. Modern ethnic problems in Dagestan



 Art study



Korostelev V.V. I.S. Bach and “musical mathematics”






Doubrovskaya N.V., Bondar I.I. Peculiarities of children’s personality between 5–7 years, suffering from logoneurosis


Nikonorov G.A. Social psychology as an object of information-psychological influence






Vaganova A.K. Speech functions of motivating specific children occasionalisms


Brovikova L.N. Speech characteristics of linguacultural stereotype of “English Vicars”






Romanovskaya L.A. Management of child’s property under Civil Code of Ukraine



 Political science



Sergo S.V. Interpretation problem of political information configurations



 Social science



Petrova E.A. Gender problems of national healthcare






Savvateev E.V. Formation of education cluster model as a tool of interaction of establishments of high, secondary professional education and catering companies in Moscow


Afanasieva G.A. Theoretical bases of education cluster interaction, science and production on the regional level


Malsagov A.I. Cluster approach to regional policy


Rokotyanskaya V.V. Analysis of the economic state and development of catering industry in Moscow


Novoselov S.N. Methodology of formation of new and improvement of developing regional markets (on the example of agrarian, production and ecological goods and services)


Berezhnaya E.S., Kouzmenko A.V. Main tendencies of development of local market functioning methodology of pharmacy: regional aspect


Kouzmenko A.V., Berezhnaya E.S. Development of local regional pharmacy market: diagnostics, problems, forecast


Kouzmenko A.V. Factor investigation of local regional pharmacy market functioning


Kovaleva S.E. Management of compliance risk of credit organizations in the sphere of opposition of income legalization, received illegally


Kouznetsov S.N. Labor markey analysis of North Ossetia-Alaniya Republic: research results and recommendations


Kaberty N.G. Population aging of North Ossetia and its consequences


Maksiyanova T.V. Development of e-commerce in China


Bagaev R.A. Demand and supply correlation on the regional investment market: general conclusions and recommendations


Avakova E.L., Zatona I.V. Institutional analysis of regulation system of population employment in North Ossetia-Alaniya Republic


Zenkina I.V. Development of economic analysis methodology of strategical climate of organization


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