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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 4







Moustafaev F.M. National identity of personality within the system of existence and international communication


Vorozhko Ju.N. Self-realization problem formation in the history of philosophic idea


Boukin D.N. Mathematical object in the system of sociocultural values


Naumov N.V. Essence and forms of fiction creative work in philosophy of culture of P.A. Florensky  


Polyakova T.A. Text problem within the conception of culture dialogue of M.M. Bakhtin


Kovaleva T.N. Transformations of urban space within the context of science-technical modernization: experience of interpretation



Religious science



Sheff G.A., Kamalova O.N. Some aspects of religion gnoseological status problem in Russian religious philosophy: S.N. Bulgakov, P.A. Florensky, S.L. Frank


Ryazanova S.V. Political myth as an apogee of social myth development



 Theory and history of science



Smirnova K.L. Orthodoxy and the problem of corruption resistance: to the problem formation



 Art study



Frantova T.V.  Music in modern culture space


Dabaeva I.P.  Functions of spiritual concert in Russian culture of XIX–XX centuries


Sycheva G.S. Composing creative work of Michael Gnesin within the context of enlightening ideas


Selitsky A.Ya.  “The Tsar's bride” by Rimsky-Korsakov: from Leo Mei's drama to opera's libretto


Leonov V.A. Acoustic comprehension of musicians-performers playing instruments with non-fixed pitch


Shevlyakov E.G. Polysemantic nature of music citation of the past (on the example of works by Luciano Berio, Dmitry Shostakovich, Alfred Schnittke)


Kaloshina G.E. Processes of art synthesis in creative work of French composers of the last quarter of the XX – beginning XXI centuries






Dmitrieva N.V., Pyatikova M.V. To the question on the conservative turning point in ideology of Russian liberals and social-democrats (mensheviki) in emigration of 1920s






Sidorenkov A.V., Ulyanova N.Yu. Social-and-psychological features and efficiency of the group subject


Poshekhonova V.A.  Methodology of psychological support of clients


Makarova I.P. Peculiarities of inner fears experience in the period of early youth  






Naumov N.D. Organization of realization process of the competent approach on the base of modern technologies of education


Ushaneva Yu.S. Problems of preparation level monitoring of the first year students of fine arts faculty






Ostrikova G.N. Enantiosemy in the subsystem of syntactical phraseology (on the material of the German language)


Gurikova Yu.S. Syntactically coherent construction «try + and + verb» in the system of the English language: structural and semantic aspects



 Literature study



Semenova G.S. Conception of national ideal of the character in the novel by Cervantes “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha”



 Social science



Bogdanova I.N. Russian students in cooperative culture of the university: “image for myself” and “image for others”


Chelenkova I.Yu. Institutional barriers: formation of cooperative management quality






Kouzminykh N.A. Formation and evaluation of innovative climate in Zaporozhskaya region


Filonich V.V., Panasenkova T.V. Modernization and investment aspect of formation of land and property relations


Rozhkova A.Yu. Criteria of regional economy optimization


Cherep A.G. Factors of formation of development strategies of car-building companies


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