Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 2





Philosophy of science



Mekoushin A.A. Science in Orthodox and Catholic cultures: philosophic and religious reconstruction


Builo B.I. Philosophy of history in creative work of N. Berdyaev


Mouvarov A.L. Notion of natural scientific time in V.I. Vernadsky's interpretation and its modern comprehension


Vodyanikova I.F. Cognitive sciences and modern epistemology



Social philosophy



Moustafaev F.M. Problem of tolerance in the system of inter-ethnic and intercultural relations



 Philosophy of culture



Bouttaeva A.M. Morality as a source of spiritual stimulants and inducements


Fedotenkova O.V. Barriers of cultural relativization of social values of the Russian man


Bourkina L.S. Crisis of a man in modern world: post-modern version


Borodovskaya M.A. Modern culture: satisfaction from illusions  


Eryshov D.V. Interconnection of a norm, stereotype and tradition in the history of culture


Rafaelov L.M. Metaphor of the Supreme court as the main myth constitute of traditional culture






Poshekhonova V.A. Cognitive competences of psychological activity






Vaganova A.K. Expressive function of children occasionalisms


Kochetova L.A. Dynamics of axiological characteristics of an advertisement discourse






Engoyan E.Yu. International aspects of resistance to terrorism in terms of globalization


Perepelitsyn A.V. Content of the criminal characteristics of tax payment evasion by credit organizations



 Political science



Nikonorov G.A. On several approaches to the military security provision of Russian Federation in modern terms  



 Social science



Gouryanov M.S. Efficient state service as a resource of social development


Petrova E.A. Prescribed and real level of healthcare social functions fulfillment


Valuiskova E.R. Model of monetary values of the Russian family






Maroukhlenko M.N. Result oriented budgeting as a core of a new organization of the budgeting process


Semenchenko A.G. Cluster approach as a direction of a strategic development of hotel services sphere development as touristic destination


Makolova L.V. On the necessity to form the mechanism of rational nature use in the process of agricultural enterprise functioning


Maslyukova E.V. Development of information-analytical system of market investment attraction evaluation of grain products shares of logistics companies


Cherdgieva Z.K. Formation of the innovation potential as a factor of economic competitiveness of the region


Gagloeva F.A. Analysis of the innovation development of RSO-Alaniya


Kaberty N.G., Gaytova A.F. Essence and necessity to hold regional demographic policy


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