Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 1





Philosophy of science



Volkov A.V. Scientific knowledge: from reflection to formation


Basilaia M.A. Way to noosphere in the course of natural sciences evolution



Social philosophy



Popova S.L. Information society: new strategies of social and philosophic interpretation


Kozlechkov G.G. Modern neoindustrial society  


Bedouev V.L. Social significance of taking political decisions in information society


Ismailov N.O. On the question of justice and morality correlation


Shakhalova O.I. Metaphysical marginals and “existence fate”


Yakoutina O.I. Social success practices: social leadership and social partnership


Zyryanov M.Ju. Social and philosophic analysis of legislative education in modern terms


Kiryachek E.A. Systematic approach as family investigation means



 Philosophical anthropology



Nesmeyanov E.E., Matyash T.P. Modern and contemporary modernization


Afanasyev S.G. Phenomenological aesthetics and art empathy theory


Roudenko A.M. Emotional culture in objective definition and objective achievement of a modern person


Papchenko E.V. Problem of sensibility within the modern science context


Nanaevа B.B. Power and submission tradition as a factor of the Chechen people's ethnic identity



 Theory and history of culture



Yakhina A.P. “Virtual” and “Utopian” reality construction in modern culture  


Osipova Ju.V. Utilitarian values formation in culture


Gunoev  I.S. Values historical dynamics in economic culture


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Management and modern communicative space


Abacharaeva M.A. Spiritual and moral values transformation of young people in Dagestan polycultural society


Kourbanova G.M. S.K. Bashlarov's reformative activity


Yarovoy A.V. Agon culture peculiarities of the Medieval Europe  


Sorokina A.A. Death image in fear and shame cultures



 Arts study



Bondarenko L.K. Situational art science – one of the most important strategies of modern Russian art knowledge



 Philosophy of law



Merzhoev M.M. Problems of modern law institutionalization interpretation


Zabolotnaya A.S. Official national character conception of S.S. Uvarov within the context of European and Russian law philosophy



 Social science



Sholokhov A.V. Inclusion/exclusion as a mark boundary of education inequality balance


Chernyavskaya E.A. Health saving principles of pupil's socializing


Breus D.S. Relations “employer – graduating student”  as communicative-dialogue relation problem


Aleshin A.N. Specificity of juvenile delinquency sociocultural analysis  


Vaskov M.A. Managing culture functioning principles of commercial organizations in modern Russia: sociological aspect






Alifanova E.N, Yasyr A.A. Influence factors structural dynamics on Russian stock market in terms of global financial crisis



 Literature study



Kenkishvili S.N. In the war as in the war, or the modern sounding of the «Requiem» by Guram Panjikidze



 Remarks on books



Zharov L.V. Kon I.S. Boy – father of a man. Moscow, 2009



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