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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 4





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Bakulov V.D., Ignatova A.A. Modern methodological problems of the consciousness analysis



 Philosophy of science



Alipova N.V. «Language culture» and thinking in the works of W. Humboldt


Alieva N.Z. The conceptual reasons of education transformations in the sphere of information society



Zhaldak N.N. Figurative logical-semantic analysis of deterministic categories in philosophy of economics



Amatov A.M. The synergetic analysis of the technogetic civilization formation in Russia



Gordus A.M. The «technicalization» of a man in modern society



Cherkasova M.A., Gordus A.M. The techniques in the context of existential philosophy



Kostina I.B., Pyatkov T.V. The overcome of ecological crisis in the context of information approach



Borisova O.S., Borisov S.N. To the problem of the history discoursive investigation (on the example of revolutionary terrorism)



 Social philosophy



Kovazhenkov M.A. The biological bases of the man's administrative activity



Mizov A.I., Kovazhenkov M.A. The rational and irrational in the behavior of the managing subject



Arseneva V.L. The social and philosophical analysis of colour sense in the nonconformasists' creative work



Baboshin V.V. The sources of the ethical nihilism in the European intellectual tradition



 Philosophical antropology



Kravchenko R.Yu. The personal autonomy: philosophical aspect


Cherednichenko I.P. The subpersonalities in the existential space



Moiseeva T.B. Information technologies as a means of transformation of person's casual life



Ribalka E.A. The value orientations of a personality in the space of order



Poselenov A.V. Division and dissociation as one of the characteristics of contemporary russian nation



Masalov S.N. Spiritual bases of science: anthropological measurement



Melnikova L.G. The escapism as a social and cultural problem



Plekhanova M.V. Cultural and philosophical aspects  of the problem of gender roles in the russian society of the X-XIXth centuries



Tarasova A.A. The world as «the native home of human being» in antiquity



Kobleva E.A. Myth place and role in socio-cultural dimension: conception of A.F. Losev



Zakharov A.V. The anthropological bases of the humanity civilizational catastrophe



 Theory and history of culture



Yarovoi A.V. The agonal culture


Tyurina M.N. Personality-language-culture: polystylism  and monostylism


Sakhibgoryaev V.Kh. The cultural phenomenon of Weimar Republic and fascism






Kovalev Yu.A. The heuristics of cultural and anthropological approach to the transmission analysis of cultural forms in design



Shapovalov S.V. The variety of styles and dionysian essence of rock-music



 Religion science



Budov A.I. Ethnoconfessional problems of the civil society in Russia



Egilskiy E.A. From phenomegraphy to phenomenology of new religious movements



 Philosophy of law



Maslovskaya N.D. The political risk in terms of globalization


Zabolotnaya A.S. The conception of «true monarchy» in the works of Speranskiy






Shalya V.M. The formation problems of legal culture of customs officials and the role of vocational education in this process






Shepelev S.E. The institutional bases of small business functioning






Nimanikhina O.I. The specificity of psychological health display at the senior preschool age



 Social science



Sampiev I.M. The subjective-activity approach to the state ethnic policy: subjects and actors



Mkrticheva K.B. The role of the middle class in the implementation of transformation process in Russia



Abrech S.I. Justice as a principle of market labor model in terms of society modernization



Kovalev V.V. The problem of defining the formation mechanism of artificial stereotypes (on the example of the content-analysis of the film «Brother-2»)



Zayceva S.A. The methodological approaches to the investigation of education system



Boroday V.A. Trade as socially-innovative process and the factor of social transformation



Bondarenko O.V., Boroday V.A. Social phenomenology of trade: criteria of social analysis



Vagin S.N. Army as a social institute: problems and perspectives



Abdurakhmanov S.Sh. About the terrorism essence



Gurba V.N. Terrorism as a crime



 Scientific life



Леонтьева Е.Ю. Всемирный философский конгресс в Сеуле: впечатления, идеи, размышления




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