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"Humane, Social and Economic Sciences" journal has been going out since the year 2000 in North Caucasian Scientific Centre of Higher School of the South Federal University. The journal publishes articles, reports, reviews and other materials in the framework of social studies. The journal has made the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and periodicals publishing fundamental scientific PhD thesis outputs.


  About the journal:


Chief editor E.E. Nesmeyanov
Mode of publication Print
Type of publication Journal
Scope Russian
Focus Academic and applied journal
Language Russian
Country Russia
City Rostov-on-Don

Registration 77-13443 Ministry for the Media of the Russian Federation


  Editorial staff:


E.E. Nesmeyanov Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

(Chairman, Chief Editor)

P.P. Baranov Doctor of Law, Professor
P.T. Bitkeev Doctor of Philology, Professor (Kalmykia)
V.S. Zolotorev Doctor of Economics, Professor
L. Metreveli Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor (Georgia)
A.I. Narezhny Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
V.O. Pigulevsky Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
M.D. Rozin Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
A. Silagadze Doctor of Economy, Professor (Georgia)


  Editorial board:


N.S. Avdulov Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor


A.G. Agapova Doctor of Philology, Professor
E.N. Alifanova Doctor of Economics, Professor
P.T. Bitkeev Doctor of Philology, Professor
G.F. Gavrilova Doctor of Philology, Professor
E.S. Gailomazova Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor
E.V. Goverdovskaya Doctor of Education, Professor
I.M. Grekov Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
G.V. Drach Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
V.N. Zyryanov Doctor of Law, Professor
O.N. Kamalova Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor

(Vice Chief Editor)

S.M. Kravtsov Doctor of Philology, Professor
V.V. Makeev Doctor of Law, Professor
G.G. Matveeva Doctor of Philology, Professor
D.V. Matyash Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
V.N. Nekrasov Doctor of Economics, Professor
V.N. Ovchinnikov Doctor of Economics, Professor
T.S. Olenich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Ukraine)
G.S. Pratsko Doctor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
V.I. Sidelnikov Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor
T.P. Skripkina Doctor of Psychology, Professor
L.V. Usenko Doctor of Arts, Professor
P.O. Holbekov Doctor of Economics, Professor (Uzbekistan)
A.G. Chuhno Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
E.G. Shevlyakov Doctor of Arts, Professor
M.M. Shulman Candidate of Philosophy, Professor
T.I. Kohanovskaya Executive Editor






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