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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 6





Ontology and theory of cognition



Bitkeev M.P. Buddhist theory of cognition and logics within the context of Kantian Critics of the Pure mind



Philosophy of science



Basilaia M.A. Synergetic beginnings of the global noospheregenesis


Vodenko K.V. Formation of classical scientific rationality: faith and mind in new European culture



Social philosophy



Kazantseva D.B. Peculiarities of personality self-identification in modern transforming society


Gazgireeva L.Kh. Spiritual intellect as an element of modern personality


Anufrieva E.V., Polezhaev D.V. Mindset and national consciousness: personal dimension


Polezhaev D.V. Totalitarianism and religious setting of personal mentality


Petrenko R.A., Petrenko E.A. Social-and-psychological premises of aggressive behavior of men and women: gender analysis


Babaytsev A.V. Semiotic level of political communication



Philosophical anthropology



Rudenko A.M. Explication of human's vital sense existential intention in modern culture


Nalivaichenko I.V. Problem of patriotism in terms of cultural globalization


Pereverzev E.V., Borisov S.N. Methodological projections of terrorism comprehension within the conceptions triangle of J. Derrida, J. Lockan,  M. Foucault



Culture science



Zimovets L.G. N. Berdyaev and O. Spengler about Russia


Melnikova L.V. Theoretical conception of civilization cultural identity


Manapova V.A. Dialogue as means of comprehension within cross-cultural interactions


Daraganova Ju.S. Cultural analysis of evolution selection representativeness


Yarovoy A.V. “Agon” notion interpretation in culture


Plotnikova M.G. Value bases of design-projecting formation


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Culture as an erotic dialogue with the consumer of its production


Abrosimova L.S., Bogdanova M.A. Concept “sport” and its linguacultural components


Bedanokov R.A. Engineering as a sociocultural phenomenon of the anthropogenic civilization



Religious science



Ryazanova S.V. Notion of tradition as an instrument for the characteristics of mythological system


Raevskiy A.N. Definition problem of the notion “New Age”



Social science



Lepin A.P., Philonenko V.I., Philonenko Ju.V. Family role in the formation of corporative culture of the modern High school



Political science



Pronchev D.E. Criteria of political safety provision effectiveness






Bessarabov R.A. Law socialization and law consciousness


Myznikova E.A. Aims in law and law aims: categorial correlation


Boldirev S.N. Juridical technique of the legislative regulation of the language policy in modern world


Vlasova G.B. Rights of personality as the base of justice





Savelyeva M.V. The specificity of a subcategorial meaning of the process units with the imperative semantics


Gailomazova E.S. Pragmatic content of numerals





Kovlakas E.F., Evseeva L.V. Functions of education philosophy and their realization in patriotic upbringing





Przhedetskaya N.V. Problems of innovation development and the ways of their overcoming


Markin O.V. Innovations in the oil sector of Russian economy: practice, development factors, prospects


Ozdoeva A.M. Mechanism of intellectual leadership strategy realization at High school at the market of education and scientific services


Alimirzaeva M.G. Labour resources and their meaning for the enterprises. Analysis of human resources state  at the subregional level (cities of Rostov region)



Conference dedicated to 150th anniversary of Henry Bergson



Fates of modern intuitionism in the culture of the XXth century



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