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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 2





Philosophy of science



Kosyanenko S.N. Mental properties of the Russian culture: methodological problems



Social philosophy



Builo B.I. New Russia within social and philosophic ideas of N. Berdyaev and G. Fedotov


Gazaryan E.I. European civilization assessment in Russian spiritual culture: integrity of the critical and positive


Babaytsev A.V. State symbols of post-Soviet Russia: reconstruction of archaic meanings


Ermakov V.P., Pokhilko A.D. Specificity of existential crises


Chelidze E.I. Social communication in XXI century: Mass Culture as the factor of formation personal identity


Yakutina O.I. Social and philosophic notion “social success”: methodological sceneries and categorical and paradigmatic scheme of analysis


Zemchenkov N.F. Transformation of local self-administration within the system of public power: social and philosophic aspect


Bulanov N.I. Information and power relations


Kazantseva D.B., Bryzgunova O.V. On the question of spiritual and moral development of the Russian youth


Batsunov A.N. Philosophy of  Russian statehood: pro et contra



 Philosophical anthropology



Peternko R.A., Getmanov I.P., Petrenko E.A. Social and psychological aspects of aggressiveness


Nikitina I.E., Shtompel L.A. Dynamics of culture and historic essence of man in terms of European architecture development



 Theory of culture



Shvachkina L.A., Kosichenko I.F. Compassion and mercy as a base of Buddhism humanity


Brachoun T.A. Ethnic system of the Chukchi people: culture ideal and behavior stereotype


Ryazantsev A.A. Advertisement as modern virtual culture






Sklyarova E.K. Municipal reform of Great Britain in the first half of the XIX century


Goutieva M.A. Interaction of central and local authorities in terms of formation of Soviet model of North Caucasus management (1917–1939ss)


Kolomeitseva M.A. On the question of peasant agricultural trade development in XIX – XX centuries



 Political studies



Belousov R.O. Some questions of definitions of the international non state organization notion in modern international relations and international law


Kazantseva E.V. Problem of national security in Central Asia and Transcaucasia within the context of the national security strategy of Russian Federation till 2020 year



 Social science



Aliev Sh.I. Youth as a subject of personal life projecting


Kiselev S.V. Intuition and rational game of freedom and submission of J. Baudrillard


Schekin G.Ju. Specificity of city tourism and possible economic prospects of its development


Kharchenko E.B. Tutor's place in the system of Russian high military education






Boldyrev S.N. Judicial technique in Russian historical development


Kanevskiy A.A. Legislative regulation of ethnic and language policy in foreign countries


Miroshnichenko D.A. On the question of interpretation activity subjects


Shlykova A.V. On the correlation of the notions “rights on the results of intellectual activity and equal to them means of individualization” and “intellectual rights”


Khatlamadgiyan K.T. Right nature of the relations on the usage of the results of intellectual activity created in the process of realization of labour and order law relations


Petrovskaya T.S. Land share as a subject of purchase contract


Osipyan G.N. Infanticide prevention as a criminology problem


Sargsyan K.A. Problems of drugs crime prevention






Zagirnyak M.V., Pochtovyuk A.B. Management of competitiveness of high school: modern tendencies


Ivanova N.E. Choice of scenario strategies of macro region innovation development management on the base of synergetics effect


Braga E.A. Role of migration in the formation of agricultural population in the South of Russia in XX century


Savchishkina E.P. Modern approaches to the assessment of effectiveness of hotel services complex



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