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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 6





Philosophy of science


Nesmeyanov E.E. Yu.A. Zhdanov about the meaning of classic German philosophy for modern axiology study


Meshkov V.E., Meshkova E.V., Churakov V.S. Modern state and main challenges of the artificial intellect


Sokolova T.I. Morganism, michurin and modern genetics  



Social philosophy



Burnyasheva L.A., Gazgireeva L.Kh. Problem of stable development of modern society through self-organization: information-value paradigm


Dmitrienko M.I. Corporate culture: correlation of moral and spiritual factors


Ageeva N.A. Ethic and law aspect of euthanasia  



 Philosophical anthropology



Grekov I.M. Problem of person formation within the context of Gurdgiev's religious and philosophic system of conscious evolution



 Religious science



Rudenko A.A. Adventists of the Seventh Day in Soviet state of pre-war period on the example of the Don region



 Philosophy of culture



Dymchenko M.E. Passionism and Orthodox: on the ways of conservation of Russian civilization in terms of globalization


Karapetyan E.A. Mental images and world picture in a folk song


Paniotova T.S. Ethnogenesis as a factor of culture identity (on the example of Latin American culture formation)






Chikaeva K.S. Noble institutions in North Caucasus


Peretyatko A.Yu. To the question on the connection of military and land reforms in the Don region and reasons of zemstvo liquidation






Pogorelova E.I. Aspects of responsibility attribution development at the stage of early teenage






Lopatukhina T.A., Osipova A.V. Modern upbringing of young people as a system of formation of spiritual and moral values in Russian society


Malakhova N.N., Simonova O.B., Kotlyarenko Yu.Yu. University as a subject of innovative activity


Naumov N.D. To the problem of activity analysis in terms of specialist of High school formation






Bredikhin S.N. Dynamic “schemes of action” in generating a many-sided sense  


Gaylomazova E.S., Dyshekova O.V. Structure and semantic features of producing base of English abstract nouns (on the analysis of dictionaries of the XX century)


Mukhaeva Z.A. Role of anthroponyms in oikonyms formation on the territory of Perm dialect of the Tartar language distribution






Ambartsumyan A.S. Theoretical and methodological bases of law concept of N.N. Alekseev


Pratsko G.S., Ambartsumyan A.S. Legal concept of N.N. Alekseev within the context of national law theory


Nikonorov G.A. Dialectics of spiritual culture and military security within information warfare  


Verkhoglyad D.A. Prerequisites and main content of the Soviet Land Legislation codification at the end of 1960s


Perepelitsyn A.V. Specificity of signs reveal of tax evasion by credit companies



 Political science



Gorin E.V. Manipulation as a subject of political discourse analysis: main categories and methodological problems


Petikov D.I. To the question of municipal management in terms of political modernization


Zatonsky S.S. Political PR as an instrument of effective management by election campaigns  



 Social science



Bogdanova I.N. Representation of the university corporate culture: peculiarities of investigation methodology


Pasovets Yu.M. Resources of adaptation of social actors and their classification






Astvatsaturyan A.A., Sidelnikov V.I. Region budgets differentiation: experience of mathematic modeling


Sulzhenko V.S., Chubarova D.M. Formation of development strategy and systems of protection measures of institutional transformations of Russian finance system


Dgioev A.V. Main directions of knowledge economy development in Russian Federation


Rozhkova A.Yu. To the question of optimization of regional economy structure 


Litvinenko G.N., Chikaeva D.I. Perfection of innovative management in the company


Gurieva L.K. Assessment of investment attractiveness of basic industrial branches of the North Caucasus


Makolova L.V. Problems of rational usage of resources of agricultural mix: economic and ecological aspect


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