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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 2





 Philosophy of science



Alieva N.Z. Natural cientific education in the context of postnonclasscal science and philosophy



Kozhemyakin E.A. «Discoursive turning-point» in the modern social sciences and humanities investigetions



Vodenko K.V. The problems of science and dialectics in russian religious philosophy



Oksak A.I., Maltseva N.N. The methodological problems of the usage of synergetics in the humanities



Burakov M.V. The tax alienation in the context of the philosophic problem of estrangement



 Social philosophy



Builo B.I. The ntelligentsia: sources of occurrance and steps of formation in russia (N. Berdyaev, G. Fedotov)



Kovazhenkov M.A. Social and cultural manifestations in economic life of society



Zubkova A.V. The problem of the culture interaction within globalization



Nadolinskaya L.N. The economic aspects of the investigation of household within the gender discourse



Kolosova O.U. The ecological imperative as a social and cultural phenomenon



Podolskaya O.S. Metaphor as a form of a language game



 Philosophical anthropology



Tarasov A.G. The problem of essence and existence in the history of the european philosophy: from platon up to descartes



Ribalka E.A. The formation of the individual's space conception in terms of the evolution of rationality types



Evseeva L.V., Leshkevich T.G. The novations of the epistimological tools



Kovalenko E.M. The cognitive approach to the analysis of the symbol concepts in the culture philosophy of A.F. Losev



Strakhova K.A. The philosophical aspect of consideration of the  feminism and antifeminism confrontation



Ismailov B.A. The freedom and love theme in existential and personal philosophy of the xxth century



Alaverdian A.L., Strakhov A.M. The aspects of gender culture of christian nations in russia and transcaucasia



Sakhibgoryaev V.H. The role of the systematic approach in the investigation of the European fascism



Aloyan N.L. The category of tragedy



Lipich T.I. The philosopic and cultural dialogue in the context of the cultural process in Russia in the 1st half of the xixth century



Tarasov P.G. The problem of source of the confession word in the structure of the christian world perception



Belonenko I.V. Hesychasm: spiritual and religious practise, theological and philosophic reflection and cultural project



Penkov V.E. The evolution of nature within the paradigm of creaturenism



 Philosophy of law



Karpun A.B. The authority phenomenon: social and anthropologic aspect


Pushkarev E.A. The legallisation of the traditional russian culture



 Theory and history of culture



Shtompel O.M., Khoruzhaya S.V. Culture as an active factor of the anticrisis development


Khoruzhaya S.V. The culture sences and culture crisis



Abdulzieva A.M. Ethnic culture of the chechens: contradictive way of development



Pendurina L.P. The creative work of Krishnamurti and the culture dialogue






Chulanov V.A., Bondarenko V.I. The essence of the globalization process and the structural models of organization of the world community



Filonenko V.I. The formation of the individual as the main purpose of the modern high school activity



Deev V.V. The informatization in the context of structural and functional changes of high technical education



Lytkina S.G. The adoptional potential of the students of technical specializations



Bilovus V.K. Social factors of the reproductive behavior of the young people



Krotov D.V. The structure of the social capital of the young people and its social resource provision



Bondarenko V.I. The competition of the district centers of the world systems in economic and political spheres



Borodai V.A. The marketization of the consumer standards in the modern society



BondarenkoO.V., Borodai V.A. The social communicatios in the sphere of the market exchange



Karoyan I.V. Social institutions influencing on the formation of the citizenship in the process of socialization



Bublikov V.V. The immigration dynamics to the russian federation and its influence on the national structure



Pereverzev E.V. The discoursive aspects of the russian chinese social and political dialogue



Omar S. The kurd's national identification in Iraque



Мостовая И.В., Гурба В.Н. The social aspects of the terroristic nets and groups self-organization analysis



Гурба В.Н. The terrorism: the problems behind the terror bounds



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