Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 3





Philosophy of science


Mekushkin A.A. West-Christian catholic conception of rationality and science



Social philosophy



Motalov Ju.G. Regional community and ethnic migrants: optional modeling of ethnic relations



 Philosophical anthropology



Novikov S.V. Modernization and tolerance idea


Ivaschenko A.P. National tradition within modern idea on ethnic identity



 Religious science



Mokrousov K.V. Early Christian symbolic art and Orthodox culture


Koulakova B.A. Everyday life codes of human values of the Christian and the Muslim in modernizing society



 Philosophy of culture



Rafaelov L.M. Idea of justice as a sense core of court metaphors


Borodovskaya M.A. Technogenic pleasures: two examples






Chikaeva K.S. Leaders of the nobles’ organization of North Caucasus in XIX–XX centuries


Philatov S.V., Soukhanova D.E., Kandelaki M.G. Life standard of the Russian village in the second half of the XX century (on the material of budget research of peasants)






Poshekhonova V.A. Main functions of professional reflection






Goverdovskaya E.V., Pavlyuk O.M., Savchenko T.D. Formation of high professional education system in Stavropol: terms and premise






Karapetyan E.A. Mentality in ethnic and language world picture as a form of conceptual perception of reality


Mesropyan L.M. Speech manipulative aggression as a contaminated type of speech impact


Bidgieva Z.S.-M. Lyrical confession in Idris Bidgiev's poetry


Vaganova A.K. Nominative activity of junior pupils as an expression of speech and thinking competence


Vakoulenko D.A. Phrase scheme «Уж на что + N1 + Adj1!»: language and speech characteristics


Kravtsov S.M., Maksimets S.V. Cognitive value of phrase units within the context of theoretical basis of the research (on the material of the Russian and French languages)


Chervony A.M. Syncrethism of “language subject” category in anthropocentric paradigm (on the material of the French language)






Tsechoev V.K. Classical historic-and-law researches in modern Russia


Engoyan A.Ju. Problem of terrorism definition in Russian criminal-and-law science



 Social science



Schekin G.Ju., Antonova T.A. Comparative analysis of medical tourism services in Russia and abroad on the material of oncology diseases






Maroukhlenko M.N. On the main approaches to the estimation of the efficiency


Kryatova G.A. Characters in modern economy: problem of theoretical reflection


Nazarov V.M. Communication deficit in practice of national state and private partnership


Maradoudina V.F. Motivation mechanisms of private and state partnership initialization


Ten Ju.P. Cross-cultural aspects of international marketing activity of companies in modern economic terms


Kholbekov R.O. New order of classification and account of expenditures in Uzbekistan Republic



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