Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 2





Ontology and theory of knowledge



Dorosheva Ju.N. Technoscience as a historical product of natural and engineering knowledge coevolution



Philosophy of science



Tagi-zade A.D. Human rights: philosophic and legal analysis of the concept


Kalinina G.N. Philosophic irrationalism and parascience genesis within science boundaries



 Social philosophy



Petrosyan S.R. Russian place and role within modern globalization processes


Kolosova O. Ju. Globalization of culture processes: synergetic aspect


Bedanokov R.A. Engineering and technical education: foundations and prospects



 Theory of culture



Manapova V.A. Verbal and non verbal forms of ethnic culture expression


Rasol S.I. Epoch conflict and human problem in Tarkovsky creative work  


Ryazantsev A.A. Cultural crisis within the context of culture values research


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. On the question of correlation of social demands system and advertisement



 Art study



Frantova T.V. On the paradox of science and methodology correlation in music study (on the example of “polyphony” discipline)


Dabaeva I.P. The enlightenment importance of Russian religious concerts in XIX–XX centuries


Tsuker A.M. Aesthetic and theoretical issues of musical genres in works by A.N. Sokhor: forty years later


Shevlyakov E.G. Axiological priority of creativity as society development factor


Rudichenko T.S , Demina V.N. On the interpretation of written sources about history and culture of Cossacks-nekrasovtsev






Shiryaeva O.V. Representation of “money” concept in Russian business information and analytical mediadiscource (2010 year)






Gorbunova N.V. Nobility elected authorities in the system of Don army management in the first half of the XIX century


Beteeva M.M. On the question of national and liberal peasant movement in South Osetia in the first half of the XIX century


Tsymbalov N.Ju. Evacuation of productive forces in Rostov region in summer of 1942



 Political science



Goncharov V.N. Political information as a social and psychological communication phenomenon in the system of social development



 Social science



Berestnev A.V., Belov A.V. Comparison of national identity in social polls of the Russians and Rostov region citizens


Vyalikh N.A. Peculiarities of the consumers differentiation in Russian health system






Khatlamadgiyan K.T. Nature of untypical intellectual rights


Kulinich A.P. Specificity of gap overcome in private law in RF


Berekchiyan N.I. Similarities and differences of labor contract on cadastral works and contract for mutual services


Tsechoev V.K. Formation and first centuries of development of Russian bribery in the XIV–XVI centuries


Geliskhanova R.Z. Organization and legal institutions of Soviet financial service in 1917–1920s (on the example of Rostov region)  


Sultygova L.Z. Genesis of state legal doctrine of Russian empire at the beginning of XX century in the sphere of censorship






Golik E.N. Management principles use in formation and distribution of added value


Sokolova L.S. Evaluation of operation activity and financial potential – integration problems


Drygina Ju.A. Institutional modernization of social and economic system management in Russia and its agrarian sector


Alimirzaeva M.G. Human potential of the enterprise, its role and meaning  



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