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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 1





Philosophy of science



Djioeva D.A. Biosensor technologies and systems in terms of modern innovation society


Getmanov I.P., Kosyanenko S.N. Evolution of notions “mentality” and “mindset”: philosophic and methodological aspects within the context of Russian reality



Ontology and theory of cognition



Pavlov P.V. Idea of truth in art


Korotkov V.E. Sociocultural bases of social and human sciences: problems and solutions



 Social philosophy



Lysak I.V., Nalivaichenko I.V. Patriotism in modern Russia: content alteration and formation difficulties


Petrenko R.A. Social aggressiveness and forms of its manifestation


Artyukhovich Ju.V., Vinogradova N.L. Norm and value model of terrorist personality



 Philosophical antropology



Kamalova O.N. Peculiarities of intuition comprehension in philosophy of S.L. Frank


Roudenko A.M. Sense and vital intentionality of person existence within the typological approach



 History of philosophy



Machkarina O.D. Critics and interpretation of transcendental philosophy: P.D. Jurkevich and I. Kant



 Culture studies



Shvachkina L.A. Problems of humanity and crisis of European culture in philosophic reflection of F. Nietzsche and M. Sheller


Kleymenova O.K. Self-reproduction of culture: bookish culture as a way of sociocultural experience transference


Nesmeyanov E.E. Card game as European culture phenomenon


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Game as manipulation in culture


Ryazantsev A.A. On the question of positive and negative impact of advertisements on a person of modern culture



 Social science



Rimskaya T.G. Main theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of sociocultural space


Ivanova D,N., Donchenko E.N. Geopolitical analysis of language situation in polyethnic region


Sklyarova E.K. Urbanization and social position of children and women in Great Britain in the XIXth century






Kunitsina I.V. Category of law argument in the theory of judicial process


Gavrilenko I.V., Pavlushina A.A., Radyushin Ja.N., Shlinkov A.A. Prospects of procedural law development in information society


Boldyrev S.N. Problem of correlation of interpretation and law-making judicial activity as a problem of legal technique


Kaplin S.Ju. State corporation as a body corporate of public law


Semenov A.V. Subjects of corporative law relations


Ponomarenkov V.A. Usage of ethnopedagogical (ethnopsychological) knowledge in criminal cases involving juveniles


Kalinicheva E.P. Correlation of license treaty with the treaty of commercial concession


Churakovoy E.N. On the question of dispositional beginning in the science of processional law in Soviet times






Gailamazova E.S. Quantification and level division of language






Przhedetskaya N.V. Innovation model of finance and credit market development of education services in terms of knowledge economy formation


Polyakova A.G. State management within the problem of region economy modernization


Molchanova N.P. Scientific base of region development conception formation


Boikova A.V. Determinants of procedure costs applied within the case of insolvency (bankruptcy)


Shashkov S.S. Electronic government: theory, models, prospect tendencies of development


Semenchenko A.G. Evaluation of the tourist and recreation complex as the foundation of prerogative development of the touristic branch of the region


Zelentsov N.V. Prospects of development of Russian pharmaceutical industry








Philosophy between past and future: conservative paradigms in philosophy



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