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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 3





Philosophy of science



Kalmykova O.M. Technological security and future of the mankind in terms of globalization of worldwide processes


Zezyulko A.V. Criticism of science-and-technological progress in culture of XVIII-XIX centuries: philosophers and writers against “creature comforts”



Social philosophy



Matyash T.P., Matyash D.V., Nesmeyanov E.E. Are Aristotle's thoughts on “good society” topical?


Polomoshnov A.F., Semenova N.B. Transformation of mass economic consciousness within modern Russian reforms


Babaytsev A.V. General structure and peculiarities of political symbols semantics


Lytkin V.V. Main tendencies of social ideal formation in Russian philosophic tradition of the XIXth century



 Philosophical anthropology



Roudenko A.M. Philo- and anthropogenetic sources of human's


Rybalka E.A. Culture and culture imitation: paleopsychological mechanism of formation


Zotova A.O. Anxiety as existential state



 History of philosophy



Loseva I.N. Russian philosophy on the specificity of native culture


Piletsky S.G. Rene Descartes on revenge status



 Religion study



Zhukovets O.Ju. Distribution of new religious movements in Russia at the end of XX century



 Theory of culture



Malyshev A.V. Categories of transfer and transference. Formation of research problem


Ryazantsev A.A. Epoch of modern screen philosophy. Introduction into the research



 Art study



Rakhaev A.I. Creative approach to musical composition study as a defining factor of personality's spiritual upbringing


Dabaeva I.P. Religious concert of XIX – first half XX century in the creative work of composers of the “second rank”


Ashkhotov B.G. On some principles of formation of the Adyg historical and heroic songs


Frantova T.V. “Polyphony of polyphonies” in the music of Alfred Schnitke


Kaloshina G.E. Genre synthesis and problems of symphonism in chamber theater of Darius Milhaud


Leonov V.A. Standards of high musical education (experience of a definite analysis)






Uvarov I.A. Formation of military intelligentsia in Russia: Page building






Antipova I.G. Problems of psychosemantics within the context of subjectivity theory






Orlova L.T. Pedagogical terms of personal oriented approach realization during classes in preparatory groups of physical training






Zhinko A.N. Law socialization and law culture


Koulinich A.P. Specificity of gaps in civil law in RF  



Social science



Sakharova Ju.V. Structure principles and mechanisms of social systems formation


Petrenko A.S. Regional universities of South Russia: social experience of post-Soviet transformations and modern tendencies


Bratukhin A.V. Peculiarities of youth subcultures formation and development in modern Russia (on the example of “industrial” subculture)


Bourkina L.S. Spiritual transformation of a person as a way to eliminate deviance






Choumakov A.A. Banking management: post-crisis changes


Arkhipov A.Ju. Modernization of the target function of entrepreneurship in innovation economy


Mourzin A.D. Management of investment projects risks of development of urbanized territories


Simonyan D.F. Business informatization as a key element of formation of adaptive management system


Trifonov E.V. Spread of social basis of selection as a premise of property relations democratization


Vlasov A.V. M. Rotbard's contribution in the development of Austrian theory of economic cycle


Maksiyanova T.V. Development of internet-economy in Brazil


Ogannisyan N.A. Genesis of business service



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