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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 6





Ontology and theory of cognition



Bitkeev M.P. Kantian-and-Buddhism reconstructions of phenomenological circle in “double consciousness” (Essay)


Antonova K.O. Interpersonal communication problem in I.A. Ilyin's pilosophy



Philosophy of science



Zezyulko A.V. N.A. Berdyaev's analysis of technology within the cultural context of the XX century


Glouschenko D.V. On the subject and new tasks of technology philosophy within the crisis context of the subject



 Social philosophy



Goncharov V.N. Information need in society: sociocultural


Shkileva E.M. Discourse analysis of power image



 History of philosophy



Kamalova O.N. “Contemplation” in philosophic-and-cultural constructions of I. Ilyin


Bourmistrova I.V. Author, text, reader through modern philosophic research



 Theory of culture



Grinev V.V. On the essence of Soviet art amateur performances (historiographic and cultural analysis)


Borodovskaya M.A. Mass culture: pseudoneeds and satisfaction



 Art study



Tsuker A.M. Mass music as a barometer of the epoch






Gorbounova N.V. Self-organization of Cossack communities at the initial stage of the movement for the Cossacks revival


Filatov S.V., Ivanov D.N., Zekrach M.S. Problems of the Russian peasantry prosperity in the second half of the XX century: main methodological and conceptual approaches


Sklyarova E.K., Ramazanov M.P. Bentamism: from utilitarianism to social health care of Great Britain






Radchenko I.I. Ways of expression of implicit negation in publicistic texts language


Arkhipkina G.D., Bondina O.N. Grammatical number and entailed semantic-and-grammatical categories


Moukhaeva Z.A. Perm-finno-ugric layer of toponyms of the Perm dialect of the Tatar language distribution territory






Borzilov Yu.P. The youth mission in Russian technological transformation: pedagogical conception of O. Anikst






Kabaloev M.A. Common law within pre-governmental formations


Judin A.I. Notion apparatus and terminology as a means of judicial collisions prevention


Berekchiyan N.I. Some questions of law regulation of the contract on performing cadastral works


Golovko D.I. Analysis of foreign lagislation system on computer crimes prevention


Utkin V.V. Law regulation of criminal liability of legal entities abroad and prospects of the implication into the legislation system of Russian Federation


Torpudgiyan A.Kh. Rights creation, law creation, norm creation: differentiation of notions  


Aroutyunyan T.A. Problems modern ways of fraud improvement in the sphere of estate circulation



 Social science



Shevchenko M.V. Social-and-management aspects of Russian charity practice


Valuiskova E.R. The role of money in modern family: sociocultural approach






Nekrasov V.N., Alimkhanov A.A. Social organizations as a factor of transparent management development of Russian economic security


Rodionova O.Yu., Yarema Ya.R., Miroshnichenko P.I., Manko I.N. Planning and assessment of enterprise potential security and stability


Vladikin A.A. Peculiarities of Russian business-organizations management in terms of changeability and uncertainty of environment


Shor I.M. Finance strategy development and realization procedure of insurance company


Babourina O.N. Analysis of regional social-and-economic policy in EU countries


Yangulbaeva L.Sh. Analysis of dynamics of investment process in the Chechen Republic economy


Gourieva L.K., Kourskiev T.G. Problems of tourist-recreation cluster forming in North Osettia-Alania Republic


Kalinin Yu.P. Strategy of regional development in factors hierarchy, providing prosperous business-investment attraction of the region


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