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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 1





Philosophy of science and technology



Silenko C.V. Russian science in terms of globalization


Zakharov A.V. Technological civilization: influences on existential meanings of the person


Ustimenko D.L. Philosophic and methodological interpretation of anthropic genesis: phenomenological prospect



Social philosophy



Kirillov A.A. Modernization potential of the eastern-Christian civilization: cratic and narration


Ageeva N.A. Ethic and law aspects of abortion  



 Religion studies



Mokrousov K.V. Rome catholicism and Orthodox culture: “peaceful coexistence” or “union”


Omarova Z.U. Transformation processes in modern Islam (problem setting)



 Philosophy of culture



Shtompel O.M. Culture in the context of demodernization phenomena


Kirillova O.S. Collecting as representation of modern culture: global tendencies and Russian peculiarities


Kovaleva T.N. Modernization of the urban space in terms of ecological problem consideration



 Arts study



Kaloshina G.E. Intertextual nature as the essence of fiction process in rock-opera “Mozart” by J.-P. Pilot, O. Schulteis 


Karamanova M.L. Mythological aspects of dramaturgy in G. Kancheli's “Styx” for alto choir and symphonic orchestra


Shalkova K., Kaloshina G.E. Actualization of notions “sacral” and “profane” within the context of modern music study (on the example of          D. Milhaud's works of 1920s)


Palkina I.D. B.V. Nichkov – musician, performer, teacher, scientist






Chervony A.M. Structural and semantic peculiarities of idioms expressing intellectual qualities and psycho-emotional state of subject (on the basis of the French and English languages)


Gulinov D.Yu. Survey experience in French language policy research


Panova O.Yu. Afro-American race image formation in American culture and literature in XIX–XX centuries



 Literature study



Dzhumailo O.A. Genre transformation of philosophical and confessional novel in the history of European literature






Lopatukhina T.A., Zalevskaya T.V. Structure of the information stream of pedagogical logistics in the context of medical students training for psychiatry






Mustafaeva Z.S. Communication and mutual understanding in the process of social and psychological interaction 






Taimaskhanov U.Sh. Genesis and methodology of the law ideal notion


Khoroshaev E.S. Formation and regulation of integrative EU fiscal law


Ambartsumyan A.S. Law concept of N.N. Alexeev in the context of Eurasianism


Bukharova I.V. Mechanism of a law regulation in the context of law theory of L.I. Petrazhitsky


Perepelitsyn A.V. Application of special knowledge in tax evasion investigation by credit organizations


Verkhoglyad D.A. Estate-law relations in USSR in the period of collectivism and collective farm's authority as the main users of land of agricultural importance (the end of 1920 – beginning of 1930s)



 Political study


Uzdenov M.M. To the problem of local self-government as a factor of political stability in the Russian Federation


Ivankov A.V. Modern condition of Russian political pluralism


Nikolaev I.V. Social and cultural basis of the political brand in Rostov-on-Don: to the question of region myths



 Social study


Petrenko A.S. Organization culture of universities in works of Russian scientists: social and economic approach


Isakova O.V. Structure formation of the youth self-organization





Zemlyakova N.S. Ways of efficiency boost of state unitary enterprise


Gashenko I.V., Mambetova A.A. International taxation principles of capital income

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