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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 6





 Philosophy of science



Kazakova S.Ju. Postnonclassical rationality and the person's quality  


Verevskaya P.A. Causality and fortuity in the modern paradigm  


Polykarpova E.V. Modern mass media, high-hume technologies and the formation of the society value orientation  



 Social philosophy



Baidakova M.Ju. The phenomenon of will in Russian philosophy


Krolivetskaya I.E. The impact of myths on the mass consciousness


Shakhalova O.I. The marginal territories as territories of creativity


Pankova I.I. Spiritual and moral upbringing of a Lyceum pupil (social and philosophic aspect)



 Philosophical antropology



Subbotin A.I. The forms of normative self-consciousness of the subject  


Lisak I.V. The peculiarities of self-identification of a man in terms of modern society  


Podoprigora A.S. The development of a man in the globalised world  


Davidovich V.E., Aloyan N.L. Solitude as a phenomenon of existence


Vorozhko Ju.N. New religious subcultures in terms of modern society


Ribalka E.A. The ecological space of a person: ontological and value bases


Malinovskaya O.N. About the influence of music on the categorial and notional component in philosophic reflection


Papchenko E.V. Semiotics of scent



 Philosophy of law



Vlasova G.B. The development of idea of the human rights as the universal foundation of the right on justice



 Religion science


Nozdrin V.V. The trinity problems in Augustine's philosophic and theological study


Astapov S.N. The negative dialectics in S. Frank's philosophy of religion  


Aleskerova S.A. Ecumenism and its ideology


Kerimov M.M. Sufism of North-Eastern Caucasus in terms of Russian modernization  


Tesaeva H.S. The conflict relations between the traditional Islam and vakhabism in North Caucasus: reasons of formation and dynamics of development  



 History of philosophy



Furman F.P. The discourse and ideological complex of narodnik movement:radical resignification of the semiotic space  



 Culture science



Mamicheva D.I. The cultural reconstruction of semiotic images of a child



Maistrenko V.I. The problem of sociocultural specification of upbringing


Belov K.A. Spiritual searches and the problem of a man of modern epoch  


Korityna M.A. Modernisation as a cultural orientation of the Caucasian region






Aleksienko O.N. The peculiarities and features of argument, submission of false alibi in cases of crimes against life and health  



 Social science



Hodyakov V.V. The mass media in the formation of modern society


Sisoikyna N.L. The information barrier of the innovation activity  


Aliev Sh.I. The religious factor in the life strategies of the youth


Alekseev S.V. The social regulation and the social corruption control  


Bokarev V.A. From the society of ideals to the society of consumption: peculiarities of social and political field  management within the context of paradigm transformation of the society


Domanov A.S. Free time, leisure and leisure activity in the social practice of a man






Gorbacheva A.A. The concept of long-term social and economic development of the Russian Federation as the factor of strengthening of economic safety of Russia



 Scientific life



Давидович В.Е., Золотухина-Аболина Е.В.  Общество  через  перспективу духа (Размышление о книге К.С. Пигрова «Социальная философия». СПб., 2005. 296 с.)


Поликарпов В.С. Кафедра философии Технологического института Южного федерального университета в Институте социальных и гуманитарных наук Национального университета г. Хошимина


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