Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 1





Philosophy of science



Bakulov V.D. Main stages of institutionalization process in modern science


Kirillov A.A. Science and media: history and present days


Tagi-zade A.D. Law and law act: etatistic and liberal traditions


Kalinina G.N. Specificity of sensual cognitive model: historical-and-philosophic and methodological explication



Social philosophy



KazantsevaD.B., Belov A.V. Russian philosophy of XIX–XX century about the main values of Slavic culture


Skvortsov I.P. On the question of collectivism and individualism correlation in national social culture


Chelidze E.I. Paradigms of mass culture interpretation


Chuprina A.A. Family as a sociocultural value within systematic idea



 Philosophical anthropology



Petrenko R.A. Axiological aspects of aggression



 Philosophy of religion



Sheff G.A. Thematic area of religious philosophy in works of S.N. Trubetskoy


Mirzaev S.B. On the history of tariqah qadiriyya formation in the Chechen republic and its religious-and-ritual features



 Theory of culture



Shtompel O.M. Sociocultural essence of innovations


Lipets E.Ju. Main tendencies of sociocultural dynamics in modernized society


Glebov A.A., Romas T.A. Sociocultural senses of casual wisdom


Borodovskaya M.A. Thinkers of the XX century on the hedonism of a mass person


Rasol S.I. Types of conflict in a screen creative work of A. Tarkovsky


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Crossroads of national culture within the context of modern advertisement research


Ryazantsev A.A. Modern philosophy of culture within the context of culture symbol expansion


Tsvirenko S.V. Ecological imperatives in town construction



 Art study



Dabaeva I.P. The role of P.G. Chesnokov in the development of church-and-singing culture in early XX century






Gorbunova N.V. Self organizations of Cossacks communities in Southern Russia within social-and-political development of the region: on the problem formation


Fedin S.A. Crime resistance of law-enforcement agencies of Lower Volga Region caused by card system and monetary reform of 1947


Scherbakov V.Ju. German pensioners' party “Grey panthers”






Tiratsuyan R.Kh. Law acts within the mechanism of law conscience and personal law culture development


Eliseeva I.V. Acquisition of property of the ground area in terms of acquisitive prescription



 Social science



Cherepanov E.V. Analysis of structured sets and its application in selective marketing and social researches


Pasovets Ju.M. Effective practices of social-and-economic adaptation of the Russian people






Nekrasov V.N., Alimkhanov A.A. Public management as a development factor of state policy to provide economic security in Russia


Maksiyanova T.V., Ovsyanko K.A. Management of entrepreneurship organization in the sphere of Internet-commerce


Drygina Ju.A. Institutional modernization of Russian social-and-economic system management and its agrarian sector


Makolova L.V. The problem of rational usage of the resources of the agrarian complex: Russian and foreign experience


Charchyan B.A. General risk classification at the application of regional subsidiary of pharmaceutical company on new market


Tsaturova A.S. Social-and economic effectiveness of the state management of education



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