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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 5





Ontology and theory of cognition



Polyushkevich O.A. Collective memory and sociocultural



Social philosophy



Savin V.V. Paradigm of social cognition: reconsideration within new scientific data  


Artyukhovich Ju.V., Polosukhin V.A. Spiritual integrity of science and religion: social-and-philosophic analysis


Kazantseva D.B., Bryzgunova O.V. On the mechanisms of mass consciousness formation, oriented on spiritual-and-moral development


Bedanokov R.A. Development of technogenic civilization and the role of ethic and social responsibility in engineering


Sadovo-Rumyantsev V.Ju., Pokhilko A.D. Private rights of a person in civil society


Marchenko A.N. Law and individual autonomy as a base of man's self-realization in modern society in social-and-political philosophy of Jurgen Habermas


Moskalenko O.L. Professional culture of coast side security employee: history and present days


Biryukov S.V. Social premise of personality formation



 Philosophical anthropology



Zhmurko T.N. Integrity of the internal and external in spiritual culture of personality



 History of philosophy



Serdyukova E.V. Peculiar features of Russian philosophy within the intuition theory of N.O. Lossky



 Religious studies



Buttaeva A.M. Modern Russia and Islamic world: problem of sociocultural interaction


Gabeev V.V. Authority and religion interaction in modern Russia: experience at the turn of millennium


Timoshenko S.A. On the question of guilt resources



 Theory of culture



Chekmarev A.A. Genre blending – as basis of new format of teledocumentation


Kleymenova O.K. Communicative aspect of culture self-reproduction: Russian periodicals as sociocultural experience


Krank I.I. Problem of Italian culture crisis within the philosophic heritage of Antonio Gramshi


Goncharov V.P. Theoretical analysis of communication practices influence on culture transformations






Ponomareva M.A. Transformation of mechanisms of adoption and realization of state decisions on the level center – Southern regions in the first third of 1990s


Dmitrieva N.V., Scherbina A.V. Aspects of Russian national-and-state system in national liberal idea before the First Russian revolution in 1905–1907s


Sobolev G.E. Premise to the formation of Caucasian linear Cossacks army and its role in geopolitics realization in Russian empire at the Caucasus (end of XVIII – first half of XIX century)


Evdokimov D.O. System of Bosporan kingdom rule in the first centuries AD


Mutieva O.S. Policy of tsarism in gorsk-and-cossack relations (XVIII – beginning of XX century)






Kasatkina E.A. Phrase-semantic field “power” in the Russian language


Tairova M.R. Rhetorical devices used in speech evaluation manipulation tactics



 Literature science



Kolesnikov S.A. V.Ya. Bryusov and V.F. Khodasevich: aspects of life-and-creative projecting





Abraukhova V.V. Creative laboratory of additional education tutor



Political science


Kleschev A.S. Information technologies in electronic  processes of Stavropolsky region as an element of statehood of North Caucasus region



Social science


Berestnev A.V. National identity of Russian people in transformation society of the XXI century


Ivanova D.N., Donchenko E.N. Application of discourse-analysis in the solution of language policy problems


Borkovskaya Ju.B. Interaction of state employees of tax service and tax payers as a sociological problem






Khvan O.V. Business reputation in the system of objects of civil rights


Shlykova A.V. Formation of initial monopoly on works


Prudovoy Ju.V. Peculiarities of punishment pass towards juvenile delinquency






Gusev N.I., Churakov V.S. Theoretical-and-methodological aspects of application of new mathematic trends and methods of theoretical physics in Russian model of economic science


Maksimova E.A. Problem of equivalentive exchange in Russian economy 


Serbinovsky B.Ju., Mukuchyan R.R. Development of information element of the system of self-employment in terms of innovation economy formation: problems and results


Rozhkova A.Ju. Methodological peculiarities of organization supplement of market reforms in the region


Maksiyanova T.V. Risk management in the system of Internet-commerce



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