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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 5





Social philosophy



Guseinov O.M., Guseinova Zh.O. Problems of harmonization of human's interrelations with environment and transference to the steady development 


Gnatyuk V.S. On the historical-and-ontological aspect of the concept “steady development”


Bobileva Ju.N. Main philosophic and world outlook approaches of modern globalism


Malygina G.V. Problem of postmodern social values in philosophy of postmodernism


Burnyasheva L.A. Phenomena of consciousness virtualization and transformation of man's mental pattern


Aphanasieva S.A. Photography as a way of individual's social identity expression



Philosophical anthropology



Cherednichenko I.P. Individual within the boundaries of existence


Roudenko A.M. Life and sense intentionality of a person: specificity of philosophic-and-anthropological investigation


Kazantseva D.B. Problem of person transformation in pre-reform and post-reform Russia


Kasyan A.B. Love as a value within modern interfamily relations


Papchenko E.V. Problem of sensitivity in technical sciences



Culture science



Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Ways and means of demands manipulation opposition (on the material of advertisement)


Mavropulo O.S. Culture-and-philosophic health discourse within irrational conceptions


Shoubina M.M. Russian class ideology at the beginning of the XXth century


 Koshkarova Ju.A. Modern approaches to investigation of mentality phenomenon in Russian science


Tischenko N.V. Values and norms of prison subculture in Russian cinema at the end of XXth – beginning XXI centuries






Gutieva M.A. Historical experience of the Soviet literacy campaign among highlanders of North Caucasus in 1920-1930s






Salikhova O.K. Language competence: conceptual model


Shulepova K.V. On the pragmatic remainder in advertisement (on the material of the French commercial texts and their equivalence in the Russian language)



Social science



Pasovets Ju.M. Economic crisis as a factor of population's social position changing


Breus D.S. On the competences in professional education (experience of problematization) 


Pastukhova V.R. Some points of state regulation of gambling business in Russia (on the example of Rostov region)


Schekin G.Ju. Medical tourism: history, meaning, prospects






Zheldochenko L.D. Evolution of psycho-pedagogical approaches to the problem of individual's professional deformations study


Golenkova L.A. Influence of psychological aspects of family social-and-economic status on the professional choice of modern school leavers 






Brikunova S.S. Theoretical premises of art pedagogy in terms of individual-oriented approach within the Orthodox paradigm


Ponomarev P.A., Zakharchenko L.P., Belogortsev V.N. Polycultural education at the university


Uvarov I.A. Historic premises of the military education system formation in Russia in XVIII – XX centuries






Boldyrev S.N. Essence, aim, tasks of judicial technique in modern law


Myznikova E.A. Law aims in judicial activity 


Mikhailov S.V. Functional characteristic of law value as a scientific problem  


Bessarabov R.A. Law socialization and law culture


Zinovyev I.P. On the question of the autonomy definition of contract sides volition boundaries on the members' of the limited company right accomplishment  


Kosse A.A. Differences in law regulation at the beginning of lay period in Russian and British law  





Baeva V.D.  Economic rise and employment: models and realities 


Guseva A.N. Budget system and assessment of financial results of wholesale trade companies: functions and tasks


Zemlyakova N.S. The problems of crediting the subjects of Russian economy


Ulyanitskaya N.M. Regulation of economic subject development: straight forwardness, dynamic classification, employment management


Gershanok G.A., Veisgerber E.I. Formation of innovation competences of students in National research university


Ivanov A.V. Cluster strategies of industrial companies development: advantages, problems, realization opportunities  



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