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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 5





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Boiko L.A. The idea of Hegel's methodology in the comprehension of I.A. Ilyin: dialectics of intuitively phenomenological and speculative moments of philosophizing


Konstantinov D.V. Historical science and comptementarity  


Atayan V.V. Trade fetishism as the factor of consciousness determination



 Science philosophy



Volchenskova O.V. Information revolution and the development of information infrastructure of the society


Buryakova O.S. Nanotechnologies as a new stage of scientific and technological revolution


Penkov V.E. Information approach: philosophical and methodological basis  


Kolosova O.Yu. Systematic and methodological basis of ecological knowledge



 Social philosophy



Goncharov V.N. Social and philosophical aspects of information society investigation


Polomoshnov P.A. The conception of sociocultural dynamics of P. Sorokin  


Sheludko G.V. The actuality of social and ontological determination of the category «service reality»


Kovazhenkov M.A. Sociocultural metamorphoses of property  



 Philosophical antropology



Bakulov V.D., Kosenchuk L.F. Methodological problems of the material and the ideal interaction investigation within sociocultural process and interconnections  


Lavrukhina I.M. Philosophical and cultural meaning of the transcendent idea


Kovalenko E.M. Symbol and the symbolic in I. Kant's philosophy


Akopyan G.A. The axiological interpretation of the spiritual phenomenon of free conscience


Omarov B.M. Hegel's conception of a person's place in the historical process  


Polikarpova E.V. The temporal technologies of management of man and social behavior


Chernikova V.E. The metaphorics of a dialogue: anthropological context


Alexandrov R.Yu. Social and philosophical aspects of youth subculture development


Lisak I.V., Cherkasova Yu.Yu. Methodological problems of prison subculture investigation  


Bikadarova E.V. Yoga and its comprehension by Jung


Papchenko E.V. The problem of scent systematization  


Maryasova E.A. The Russian woman in the traditional normative society




 History of philosophy



Kaschenko A.S. The idea of Russia in the world history: historical and philosophical analysis


Furman F.P. The anarchic principle of self-government in the works of M. Bakunin


Zolotukhin V.V. The notion «Açaбиййа» in «Ал-Муķаддиме» Ибн Халдўна




 Philosophy of language



Shiryaeva O.V. Repetition as the sign of idiostyle of D. Harms: cognitive pragmatic analysis



 Theory and history of culture



Ageikina S.V. The acausonal world comprehension in prerational culture



Filatova A.A. To the question of correlation of cognitive structures and social code (on the example of archaic type of culture)



 Social science



Tkacheva N.A. Social mechanisms of migration processes  regulation


Romanovskaya E.S. The factors of immigration to the Far East of Russia


Kovalev V.V. Social stereotypes of russian people's attitude towards the property  


Budaev P.E. The notion of «chronotop» and the analysis of KVN: social and political aspect


Shestakov K.A. The influence of moral values and «need in children» on the reproductive behavior of people  


Yakunin A.A. The life strategies in the comprehension of the secondary school-leavers






Arutyunyan G.G. The typical features of an accentuated person



 Scientific life



Nesmeyanov E.E. To the problem of the education philosophy subject  


Agapova E.A., Nefedov I.V. II International scientific conference “Language, man and society in the contemporary world”




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