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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 6





 Philosophy of science


Kolikov Ju.Ju. Information as a  legal object


Korshunov A.N. The legal globalism: problems of self-organization



 Social philosophy



Petrosyan S.R. Globalization and cultural identification


Krolivetskaya I.E. Myth evolution as a phenomenon of society's spiritual life


Betilmerzaeva M.M. The formation and development of the “mentality” phenomenon in the West-European scientific discourse  


Gazgireeva L.Kh. Theoretical and philosophic comprehension of spiritual and communicative being of the modern youth


Koshelev V.V. Social and philosophic responsibility of entrepreneurial organizations  


Baboshin V.V. Cultural and social determinants of the legal nihilism



 Philosophical antropology



Mikhralieva M.S. The essence and problems of postnonclassics within the context of anthropological crises  


Ribalka E.A. Structural levels of a person's being  


Rozhkovskiy V.B. The ontological sense of man's kenosis and passion bearers and yurodivy phenomenon in Russian culture


Papchenko E.V. Tendencies of perceiving formation in the history of culture  


Kryukova O.N. Trust in the history of culture and economic relations


Evlannikova I.V. Anthropology of the Eastern and Christian spiritual tradition: the problem of methodology  


Zharov L.V. Sexuality of a man – what is the problem?  


Loginova M.V. Vitality of a student's individuality as a factor of its successful adaptation to the terms of education at High school



 Theory and history of culture



Katerinich O.A. Chronotope of the ethnocultural world picture


Goverdovskiy L.A. The opposition of various life strategies: archaic culture and civilization


Mavropulo O.S. The culture of man and society health in philosophy of culture  


Gunoev I.S. Labor culture: in search of methodological paradigm of investigation


Nikolaeva-Chinarova A.P. Management as manipulation and the present


Yarovoi A.V. The empiric level of the agonal phenomenon  


Goncharova E.P. Semiotic approach to the tale investigation  


Zhura M.V. On the role of music in the culture of the Silver age



 Philosophy of education



Chernikova V.E. The communicative and dialogical essence of education and individuality upbringing


Tazbieva Z.M. System of education modernization in Russia: traditional and innovation aspects


Basilaia M.A. The problems of modern ecological upbringing  and  education


Dashkova E.V., Eliseeva O.V. Humanization of education: excursion as a pedagogical process



 Religion science



Petrenko S.P. On the interconnection of religious and ethnic mythologies  


Buttaeva A.M. Ethnocultural aspects of modern Islam  


Lysikov A.A. Anthropological aspects of Christianity: doctrine of soul and body


Gevorkyan R.Ae. On the problem of negative peculiarities of new religious movements functioning in Russian cities in XX century



 Arts study



Bondarenko L.K. Modern art science within the new knowledge system



 Social science



Tregulova N.G. Prospective tendencies of the social sphere strategic development


Aliev Sh.I. Values in the structure of life strategies  


Aliev Sh.I., Elnikova G.A. The individual life projecting system analysis


Kiselev S.V. Intuitional and rational coordination of management action within conflicts and coalitions of social and playing interactions






Aleinova A.A. World and home experience of management models development of industrial organizations of chain structures


Dubrovskiy K.M., Polouga T.Yu. The formation of transport and logistic subsystems and services: development problems



Conference thesis "Philosophic senses of biography" (Rostov-on-Don, April, 9, 2009)



Lipovoy S.P. Philosophic biography  


Tikhonov A.V. Philosophic biography as  basis of philosophic traditions


Gromov R.A. Illusions of philosophic self-consciousness (on the example of          E. Husserl)


Zolotoukhina-Abolina E.V. Children's emotional experience as a factor of philosopher's biography  


Pendyurina L.P. Spiritual biography of J. Krishnamurti and his philosophic study


Tikhonova E.F. Biographical determinant influence on V.V. Rozanov's creative work  


Shashlova E.I. “Books-experiences” of M. Foucault: from creative work to biography


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