Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 5





Ontology and theory of cognition



Lyubashits V.Ya. System-and-structural method of government and governmental power research: theory problem


Chernykh S.S. Metaphysics deconstruction within the context of eternal being study



Philosophy of science



Ziberova L.V. Specificity and the main features of education modernization at the modern stage of social development



 Social philosophy



Gerasimov A.A. Technician phenomenon within modern theoretical social models



 Philosophical anthropology



Roudenko A.M. Genesis of social-and-vital space of post-modern culture



Culture philosophy



Romas T.A. Individuality phenomenon within the context of cultural model


Sokolova I.S. Popularization of natural science in post-modernism: library, university, museum, “science” cafe, theater


Borodovskaya M.I. Consumption hedonism and sign expansion in culture of post-modernism


Lavroukhina I.M., Timoshenko S.A. Correlation of notions of guilt and guilty



 Art study



Nadler S.V. Polyphony of Shostakovich as a system of sins






Khvostova I.A. National enlightenment as a problem of government policy and activity of Zemstvo in early XX century


Gorbunova N.V. Cosscack's elites: historical bases of self-organization and modern prospects of development


Uvarov I.A. Preparation of military pilots in Russia in early XX century






Kamneva E.A. Internal and external interaction of functional words in modern English



 Literature study



Gerasimova I.F. Bible motivating complex in poetry cycle “War” by      E. Kouzmina-Karavaeva


Minasysan S.V. Grotesque and anti-utopia of “Red Grass” by Boris Vian






Drouzhinina M.V., Naydenova I.N. Historical-and-pedagogical analysis of development of didactic supplement of language competence formation






Zhinko A.N. Law activity as a binding segment of law socialization


Belyaeva G.S. Correlation of theoretical and branch approaches to the notion of law regime


Shakarov A.O. Law superstructure and law principles


Yudin A.I. Judicial collisions in Russian society: reasons and conditions


Ganichev I.V. Problems of government and law theory as science and discipline in Russian Federation


Galkin A.Yu. Problems of qualification of objective signs of the terrorist act content


Golovko D.I. Generic object of crime in the sphere of computer information



Social science



Balyuk A.D. Socialization and professional orientation problem in modern terms: theoretical and methodological approaches to the research


Rimskaya T.G., Vinokurova A.V. Professional orientations of students (on the example of Primorye territory)


Soultanov R.R. Problems of interdisciplinary interaction in the system of health care


Kuchukov R.R. History of formation of human resources service of civil defense in Bashkortostan Republic






Dgurabaev K.T., Altoukhov S.I. Innovation mechanism of diversification output


Aydarkina E.E. Main problems of water usage in Russia and ways of solution



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