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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 6





Ontology and theory of cognition



Danielyan N.V. Nanotechnologies and cognition process  



Social philosophy



Sokova O.V., Khoroshilov A.P. Law consciousness of a Russian man: philosophic aspect of the analysis


Kazantseva D.B. Spiritual bases of personality’s perfection process  


Biryukov S.V. Information-and-semiotic premises of personality formation in Russian society


Minasyan L.G. Independence of an individual consciousness in the context of personality self-development


Chelidze E.I. Symbolic space of communication


Volkov M.V. Philosophy of Russian statehood in the works of Eurasians



 History of philosophy



Kamalova O.N. Personality’s creative activity and intuition problem in works of N. Berdyaev



 Theory of culture



Chekmarev A.A. Television – as a new stage of social development



 Religious studies



Ter-Arakelyants V.A. Disappointment in life and weakness of will energy as a result of Epicure’s study (critics of ethic bases)  






Shuyakova E.N. State youth policy: new vector of development (2005–2011)


Dmitrieva N.V. Discussions on Russian national-and-state organization in the magazine “Osvobozhdeniye” at the beginning of the XX century






Zakharyuta N.V. Innovation development of central psychological new formation of pre-school children






Pihova L.V. Education support of a future specialist skills formation for professional mobility






Dovlatbekyan G.S. Justice in modern law as ethic-and-social and philosophic-and-law categories


Tiratsuyan R.Kh. Natural law, judicial laws and social justice


Bikkinin A.I. On the correlation of the notions “religious crime”, “crime in religious sphere” and “religious based crime”


Migulina D.A. Compulsory legal relationships of farms


Denisenko S.V. Essence of mediation processes (theoretical-and-law analysis)


Amasyants A.A. Social-and-epistemological aspects of adversarial principle of the parties at pre-trial stages within criminal process



Social science


Nikonov Ju.V., Gusev N.I., Churakov V.S. Elements of Lefebvre’s theory and phase transition in on-line social web-sites


Ivanenko N.S. Territorial identification of Russian youth within the context of globalization


Bogacheva E.S. Competent approach: institutional patterns of a graduate model


Ivanova N.B. Transformation of gender stereotypes within a social group of drivers in modern terms





Limareva D.A. Peculiarities of formation and prospects of development of state-and-private partnership in Russia


Aleshin A.V. Forms and technologies of realization of partnership relations of small, middle and big entities in regional economy


Schablikin M.I. State-and-private partnership as a factor of innovative-and-investment reformation of housing and communal economy in Rostov region


Maksiyanova T.V. Factors analysis influencing the functioning of Internet-companieswithin the system of Interent-commerce  



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