Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 3





Philosophy of science



Kolosova O.Ju. Technology and natural social and technical prospects of mankind



Social philosophy



Zemchenkov N.Ph. Social and philosophic analysis of direct democracy at the local level in terms of changing Russia


Glushko I.V. Polysemanticism of the social trust phenomenon and methodology of its research


Buylo B.I., Serdyukova E.V. Russia's fate in a globalizing world



 Philosophical anthropology



Papchenko E.V. Sensitivity and modern culture: aspects of interaction


Kotlyarova V.V. Russian axiological research on the threshold of the third millennium


Minasyan L.G. Spiritual self-development of a man



 Theory of culture



Moiseyev A.V. Philosophy as an absolute culture limit


Gubanova M.A. Sociocultural form: notion and problem


Kleimenova O.K. Self-reproduction of culture: multimedia culture as a way of sociocultural experience transaction


Zorya I.V. Influence of professional relations culture on modern process of production


Ryazantsev A.A. Advertising culture: Russian and foreign context


Brachoun T.A. Anecdotes about the Chukchi people as modern culture phenomenon


Novgorodskaya N.E. Political mindset as a form of political consciousness revealing (philosophic analysis of the phenomenon and its essence)






Goutieva M.A. The main stages of national Soviet state formation in North Caucasus in the 20s of XXth century


Dmitrievskaya M.S. Problem of spending leisure time in an everyday life of people in North Caucasus in 1945–1959 (on the example of Krasnodar and Stavropol regions)






Gaylomazova E.S. Quantification in the linguistic picture of the world


Avedova R.P. Сonfirmative question as the means of information gaps’ elimination


Tairova M.R. Communicative and pragmatic peculiarities of assessment manipulation as one of the types of speech influence






Shapoval G.N., Kamalova O.N. Peculiarities of adaptation processes in organization of educative work with foreign students  


Evseeva L.V., Kovlakas E.Ph. Patriotic motivation as an axiological aspect of military education


Tsarakhova-Salbieva Z.U. On the role of modern school in preparation for marriage and family life



 Political science



Goncharov V.N. Political information in social system


Shustova M.S. Electronic government and electronic democracy in Russia


Belousov R.O. Some difficulties in legal personality of the international non-governmental organizations in contemporary international relations



 Social science



Kiselev S.V. Management of information-and-game images of civil society, power and politicians in the conception of G. Alexander





Boldyrev S.N. Judicial technique of court lawmaking as a problem of judicial practice


Miroshnichenko D.A. Authentic interpretation within the executive body activity: problems of creation


Misnik N.N. Correlation of land as an object of property law and territorial zone


Kanevskiy A.A. Bilingualism as a form of political compromise


Sokolovskiy I.L. On the question of judicial security of political institutions


Petrenko A.A. On the peculiarities of constitutional legitimization of social rights in the






Saphronov A.E. State regulation of ecologicalization process of productive sphere of the region


Podkholyuzin V.V. Results of Free Trade Zone action between South Africa and European Union: 1999–2010



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