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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 3





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Ignatenko T.I., Leontyeva E.Ju.  Synergetics modelling and prognostication: ways of development of contemporary Russia  


Sidorenko E.G. The role of metaphor in cognition: e unum pluribus


Shaev Ju.M. The effects of hermetic sense: experience of semiotic analysis



 Philosophy of science



Vodenko K.V. Intellect and faith in Russian ecclesiastical and academic philosophy


Mamedov F.A. The conformity principle and its synergetic interpretation



 Social philosophy



Savkova G.V. The social and philosophic aspects of globalization study


Cherkasova M.A., Khamov V.L. Mental motives in the search of the model of Russian modernization  


Koshman M.V. The conceptions and models of social communication: the results and perspectives of the problem investigation


Ribalka E.A. The concepts of space in the social philosophy


Yakutina O.I. Individual and social success within the format of a daily discourse


Kiryachek E.A. Socialization and identification of an individuality in the family  


Cherkasov V.P., Taranenko N.Ju. The peculiarities of sociocultural adaptation investigation of modern Russian youth to military service on the regional level


Artjukhovich Ju.V. The value basis of Russian and Vietnamese culture archetypes: points of contiguity



 Philosophical antropology



Samoilov S.F. Intentionality of consciousness and culture phenomenon


Moiseev A.V. Baroque metaphysics and “Spirit phenomenology” of Gegel: about historical boundaries of European subjectiveness


Kovalenko E.M. Culture as a symbolic expression of spiritual life in the conceptions of O. Spengler and N. Berdyaev


Yakhadzhieva A.Kh. Post-wedding rites of the Chechen and Akkin people of the XIX-XX centuries


Petrenko R.A. The problem of aggression in the contemporary world: sociological and philosophic analysis


Duskaeva A.G. Sociocultural determinants of alcohol and drug addiction distribution in a transforming Russian society


Papchenko E.V. Sensationalism and its influence on the social practices



 Religion science



Budov A.I. Civil culture of Russia  


Astapov S.N. Antinomianism as a method of S. Bulgakov's religious philosophy


Trokhimchuk E.A. Phenomenology of religious consciousness of M. Aliade


Titarenko I.N. Christian eschatology: the past and the present



 Philosophy of law



Osipov A.V. The methodology of political power consolidation investigation as an acceptance of behavior rules of the democratic process



 Social science



Kiselev A.S., Rimskiy V.P. Management of energosphere socioinnovation development in the postindustrial context: methodological problems


Bondarenko O.V., Borodai V.A. Economic and sociocommunicative requirements


Borodai V.A. Problems of institutional systems of trade organizations, the change of social practices


Tjurina Ju.A. The education individualization: the experience of educational process organization in the US universities


Filonenko V.I. The importance of the family in the socialization of students at high schools


Gurba V.N. The influence of social transformations on the development of terrorism


Shalaginova N.A. Marginal status and marginal consciousness: definitions and approaches  






Torgashov V.A., Avdeev A.A. The strategic approach to the economic problems of provision corporations functioning


Mikailov I.M. The role of the stock market at the financial market of Azerbaijan and the possibilities of applying international experience in its management






Yaroslavskaya I.M., Podionova I.P. The tolerance teaching in the process of foreigners education at non-governmental Educational Institution “Intermed”





 Scientific life



Rezhabek E.Ya. The culture conception of L.S. Vigotskiy's school



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