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ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 4





Ontology and theory of knowledge



Chernykh S.S. On the question of eternal being: platonism versus bergsonism



Philosophy of science



Kalmykova O.M. Technological paradigms of the XX


Nosoreva N.G. The role of social system in the development of mathematical knowledge


Zakharov A.V. Technogenic catastrophe of civilization. Prehistory. Relevant state



 Social philosophy



Kolosova O.Ju. Synergetic aspects of modern society development


Polosukhin V.A. Harmonization of human and nature interaction in philosophic interpretation


Zolotukhina-Abolina E.V., Zolotukhin V.E. “Meanness of ideals” – problem of modern Russia


Polomoshnov A.F., Melnikova L.V. Crisis of cultural identity of the Russian civilization between XX–XXI centuries


Gerasimov A.A. Technical society and development resources: social-and-philosophic analysis


Dymchenko M.E. Social philosophy of L.N. Gumilev: scope of Russian historical self-consciousness


Boulanov N.I. Evolution of power relations of man's exploitation



 Philosophical anthropology



Roudenko A.M. Sociovital character of human's existence: ontological aspects  


Mavropulo O.S. Health within the system of physical culture of a human



 History of philosophy



Matyash T.P. Theological sources of Western and Russian religion philosophy



 Theory of culture



Fateeva S.V. Marriage and family in modern society: problem of cultural heritage


Abacharaeva M.A. Specificity of human interaction in multicultured sphere


Nikonorov G.A. General tendencies and principles of spiritual culture influence for military security of the state


Borodovskaya M.A. Pleasure in an antique culture






Sklyarova E.K., Kharlamov E.V. International aspects and social and medical consequences of Russian war in 1812 (for the 200 year anniversary of Russian victory)






Bitkeev P.Ts. Main principles of long sounds theory in Mongolian linguistics (mechanisms and reasons of long vowels formation)


Vaganova A.K. The metalinguistic function of child’s occasionalisms



 Literature study



Safonova S.Ju. Peculiarities of plot formation in the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky “Crime and punishment” and by Ch. Dickens “The mystery of Edwin Drood”






Ovchinnikova I.G., Kurzaeva L.V. Mathematical supplement of information system of the rating evaluation of high schools


Uvarov I.A. System of officers training of new military and technical majors in Russian army in XIX–XX centuries






Zhinko A.N. Law socialization and human's rights


Belyaeva G.S. Procedural legal regime as a variety of law regime: theoretical aspect


Judin A.I. Legal collisions in international and interstate law


Eliseeva I.V. Public formations as subjects of property to land: study on content and reason of setting property presumptions


Makharinsky M.Ju. Political and law ideas of N.P. Ogarev: sources and methodological approaches


Golovko D.I. Crimes computer information sphere



Political science



Upornikova-Pivovarova I.V. Evolution of the notion “justice” in Greece philosophy (Sophists, Socrates, Plato)



Social science



Nikonov Ju.V., Gusev N.I., Churakov V.S. Modern technologies of social networks modeling (review of foreign researches)


Sakharova Ju.V. On the question of structural organization of social networks


Belikova S.S. Managing accomplice of innovations in educational sphere


Sharaurov I.V. Education as a factor of influence on the health of population






Triphonov E.V. Expansion of social base of exclusiveness as a prerequisite of ownership democratization


Charchyan B.A. Ways of conflict resolution within the regional branch of an international company


Dun Guan. Territorial aspect of economic codevelopment of Russia and China


Maksiyanova T.V. Development of Indian Internet economy  



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