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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue 4





 Ontology and theory of knowledge



Bogdanova A.N. Philosophic analysis of management principles by self-organizing systems  


Moushich-Gromyko V.G. Philosophy of values in the light of its comprehension through the complementarity principle of N. Bohr  



 Philosophy of science



Mikhralieva M.S. Postnonclassical approaches to the formation of philosophic conceptions


Alieva N.Z. Education within the context of “complex thinking” conception


Kolikov Ju.Ju. The information law: formation problems  


Alferov A.A. The freedom of a person in the history



 Social philosophy



Agalavova Z.G. The family in a modern polycultural sphere  


Basilaia M.A. Ecological consciousness – the imperative of a steady civilization development


Betilmerzaeva M.M. The formation and development of the phenomenon “mentality” in Russian science discourse


Ovchinnikova V.B. Social self-determination of the youth: the main notions and essence  


Pyatokova N.P. The individual in the context of problems and factors of blind people social adaptation in modern society  


Pososhenko E.V. The problem of an individual's deviation: social and philosophic aspect



 Philosophical antropology



Stanchenko E.I. G. Marcel's anthropology: methodological principles of phenomenology and existentialism influence


Rozhkovsky V.B. The problem of disparagement in the ontology of a personality


Krukova O.N. Trust as a concept of economic culture  


Sholokhov A.V. Paradigms of inequality investigation


Shenkao G.Kh., Shenkao M.A. A word in defense of wisdom  


Kotov S.V., Sakhibgoryaev V.Kh. The doctrine of “fascism man”


Kurbanova L.Ou. Traditional culture and society transformation: gender aspect


Basistaya E.V. Gender consciousness and its role in the formation of deviant behavior  


Mavropulo O.S. The genesis of health culture in ancient philosophy


Juschenko N.V. Euthanasia in Russia: philosophic and law aspect



 Philosophy of education



Kamenskaya E.N. Theoretical bases of teacher's psychological competence


Mysova O.S. Professional development and education of staff in hotels  



 Religion science



Kulakova B.Ae. Conceptual imagery comprehension of the man's spiritual world of another culture  


Krivyh S.E. The specificity of spiritual values in the structure of modern religious world outlook


Topilina N.V. The religious search of the youth in post-Soviet Russia


Buttaeva A.M. Globalization and Islam



 Theory and history of science



Gunoev I.S. “Man of labour” in the culture of modern society  


Shumenko M.A. Philosophic and cultural sense of migration


Yarovoy A.V. Agonism of nomadism  


Katerinich O.A. Folklore world vision as a “collective unconsciousness” of the ethnic culture  


Krank I.I. Philosophy of Italian neorealism (on the material of J.P. Sertre's play “Recluses of Alton” and its screen version by Vittorio de Sica)


Vasilchenko N.N. Modern Russian theatrical culture: post modernization or change of directing forms?



 Social science



Yankina I.A. The role of personal planning in the process of rising the quality of life  


Filonenko V.I. Employment of graduating students: problems and paradoxes


Rezvanov A.A. Small-scale business: alternatives of absorption or co-operation with middle and big business


Zvereva T.V. Theoretical and methodological bases of interaction in tax sphere


Dukyan S.S. The interconnection of migration processes with demographic situation in the region






Poljuga T.Ju. The logistic approach to the management of transport services in terms of the market








Vitruk O.A. The linguistic peculiarities of landscape descriptions in literary works of English and Russian writers  



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