Academic and applied journal


ISSN 1997-2377

Abstracts of journal articles


Issue 4





Ontology and theory of cognition



Zhizhileva L.I. East and west: problem of human identity



Philosophy of science



Daraganova Ju.S. Information supply of scientific research in the sphere of culture and art


Morozova N.I. Philosophy of information field: conceptual approach


Kalinina N.A. Tolerance within the system of philosophic foundations of education



 Social philosophy



Ustyantsev V.B. Personality's course of life: modern problems of socialization


Ermakov V.P. Crisis of individual identity within the context of social institutions crisis


Volkov M.V. Russian theme in social and historical conception of the Eurasians


Buttaeva A.M. Value priorities of modern youth within ethnoconfessional space


Petrosyan S.R. On the question of people's national and cultural identity preservation in modern global world


Goncharov V.P. Internet as a new information and communicative space


Anikin D.A. Mechanisms of social memory functioning: spacial analysis



 Theory of culture



Poruchevskaya A.F. Social existence of ancient polis


Brachoun T.A. The Chukchi people ethnic identity


Kleimenova O.K. Screen page as a way of sociocultural experience transition


Ryazantsev A.A. Advertisement as culture






Ponomareva M.A. Political center and regions in 1960s – first half of 1980s: from dialogical forms to the vertical of ideological control (on the example of Southern Russia)


Tabunschikova L.V. Relations between state and church within the period of Khrushchev's “thaw” (on the example of Rostov region)






Smeyukha V.V. On the question of women magazines study






Zakharyuta N.V. Memory within the context of cultural and historical conception of psychological development






Abraukhova V.V. Formation of creative tendency of a teacher and child – development strategy of supplementary education institutions


Tourik L.A. Integration of essential and supplementary education of children as a mechanism of realization of the FSES strategy


Ershova S.I., Sizova O.A. Modern tendencies of language education development at European schools



 Political studies



Upornikova-Pivovarova I.V. Evolution of Greek polis and formation of “political individuality”



Social science


Khvilia-Olinter N.A. Political activity of Moscow young people


Priz E.V. The concept of the informed consent in the western sociology of medicine





Ganichev I.V. Topicality of ecologic and law culture


Rybak A.A. Russian federalism and problems of border area





Dgurabaeva G.K. Management of investment attractiveness of company based on the diagnosis of risk potential


Makarov A.N. Improvement of economic terminology in investigation of regional import substitution


Bondarenko I.A. Demand and consumption of Russian households in terms of change of their material welfare





Pustovalova I.V. "Universities of the South of Russia: history and present times". Yu.A. Zhdanov in the institution of universities of the South of Russia



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