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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #1

I. Yablokov, N. Yablokova Philosophy of science in the light ofvariative theoretical and methodological paradigm
T.I. Eroshenko The role of "cognition" in overcoming socio-anthropological risks
E. Lazinina Digitalization in the context of Russian society: socio-philosophical analysis
S. Kuzmenko Human capital and socio-cultural environment of contemporary Russia
A. Zamorev Confucius's paradox and paradox of Infallibility: problem and its solution
V. Belkin Russian legal nihilism at the end of the XXth century. Socio-philosophical analysis
A. Pokhilko, S. Sergeev Personal autonomy in the process of social identity transformation
V. Yushchenko Universalization of public consciousness as a factor of modification of the properties of the Russian meta-ethnic mentality
A. Suhorukhih Actualization of cultural innovations on the example of the educational center Ā«SiriusĀ» (Sochi)
A. Enikeev Identity of the modern philosophical discourse in the concept of Jurgen Habermas (topological aspect)
N. Vigel Cultural empire of emoji or cry for joy
D. Gordienko, M. Ramazanova Cultural and philosophical understanding of the symbol concept in the communicative process
O. Balyshev, A. Mantsov, A. Ermakov Volunteering during the new coronavirus pandemic
A. Raevskiy Departure from institutionality as an adaptive strategy of NRM in the post-secular society
I. Abramova, S. Kramskaya, E. Magomedova The diplomatic gift of the holy blessed prince Alexander Nevsky: relations with the West and the East
M.A. Murashev Reconstruction of the system of public administration of higher education. Major trends
I. Borodin Regional state security bodies in the post-war period (1945-1953): methodological features of the integrated research
S. Kireev The 910th coastal battery of Vladimiro-Olginskaya naval base of the Pacific fleet (based on the field research materials)
G. Burdina Daily life of a teenager living within the socio-cultural space of county towns in Russia in the second half of the 19th — early 20th centuries
A. Mamedova Organizational and economic mechanism of competition policy
A. Rogachevsky Problems of introducing and calculating the indicator of the debt burden of the population
Afifi F. Zare Practice of using digital technologies in retail trade in Iran in the context of pandemic
A.S. Petrenko, G. Ekinil Hotel industry in Rostov-on-Don: current state and development trends
S. Smirnov Influence of entrepreneurial project choosing algorithm on its economic results

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