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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #6

D. Sklyarov Structure of the observation method
K. Maltsev, L. Lomako Crisis, empire, revolution: a new game of intellectuals in utopia
T.U. Elbuzdukaeva, M. Soltamuradob, V. Akaev Modern world in the context of globalization: civilization transformations, challenges of religious and political extremism and counteraction by means of ethnic culture
N. Keleberda, A. Ryaboshapka, E. Kazanskaya On the question of understanding freedom in modern liberalism
V. Yushchenko, A. Smirnov Subjective objectivity of the phenomenon of public consciousness
T. Sorokina, I. Petrulevich Semiosis of the conceptual opposition "self — non-self" in the cultural code of the city
T. Maisner Worldview foundations of ecological culture in the antique polis
A.V. Belov Pavel Bakunin on the contradiction between the role of a person and his fate (to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Russian philosopher)
A.G. Krasnova Psychological features of the religious faith of Christians in modern Russian society
A. Aslanov State-confessional and inter-confessional dialogue in multicultural Russia. Religion as a unifying factor of cultures and a consolidator of confessions
K. Ushmaeva, O. Lysenko, V. Tarasov Main problems and contradictions in the activities of the Soviet militia during the years of "stagnation" (on the example of Stavropol)
N. Kravchenko Religious life and new socialist order in the common life of the villagers of the Lower Don in the 1960s-1980s
S.S. Kolesnikova, V. Zhukov Insurance risk in the risk system and risk management of the healthcare
Y.A. Petrova, A. Kamalov, A. Lapina Economic consequences of the pandemic and ways to overcome them in modern conditions
V.I. Sidelnikov About the system of tariffs in the field of heat and power engineering
A.S. Petrenko, G. Ekinil Development trends of fitness enterprises of Rostov region
G. Artemenko, E. Kuzmenko, S. Grigoryan The main issues arising from the application of Article 54.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the implementation of a new approach when planning on-site tax audits as part of the control and analytical work of tax authorities
I. Ponomareva, E. Bibik, A. Pluzhnikova Relevant problems of identifying tax and fee evasion
A. Gilyano, O. Dyshekova Modernization of the customs infrastructure of the Eurasian Union in the context of digitalization
M. Muzaev, T. Okhotina Concept and country models of corporate social responsibility evolutions
E. Trusova V.S. Panchenko: labor and combat path of a famous scientist (to the 100th anniversary of his birth)

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