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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #3

D.A. Dgioeva Sensor technologies and systems: conceptual and methodological basis of the study
V.E. Meshkov, V.S. Churakov Information paradigm and the humanities aspect of artificial intelligence
B.I. Builo G.P. Fedotov and I.A. Ilyin on the ways of Russian society revival
M.V. Finko Statehood and law in philosophy by I.A. Ilyin
I.N. Tyapin Problem of the conflict of morality and antimorality (in the context of philosophic analysis of libertarian doctrine of law)
K.M. Alilova Ecologic culture in the context of cognitive culture
V.Yu. Vereschagin Orthodox cultural study: experience of philosophic and anthropologic reason of I.A. Ilyin
T.P. Matyash, E.E. Nesmeyanov Orthodox type of culture: idea and reality
Y.A. Shestakov The problem of the value of history in the work of F. Fukuyama «The end of history and the last man»
I.P. Bulyko Doctrine of deification in the Orthodox theology
S.N. Astapov Identity of neo-pagans “rodnovyery”: on methodology of religion study
V.A. Ter-Arakelyants Revival: Christianization of epicuarism and attempts to justify sin
R.S. Spevak, A.V. Kartashev Medical institutions work in the North Caucasus during World War II
S.V. Kramskaya Regard of regional education component at planning enlightening work on truth protection World War II events
L.P. Ketova Political alienation and genesis of modern Russian electoral legal policy
M.A. Gutieva Problem of reformation of military and field hospitals in Russia in XVIII-XIX century
G.G. Gubskova Features of development of the education system in Orenburg region in the years of civil war (1918-1920)
L.T. Zhaybaliyeva Realization of «the new course» in years of new economic policy (on materials of the south ural region)
M.N. Krot The problem of the abolition of serfdom and its consequences in the views of the liberal-conservative thinkers
E.T. Lazarova, N.Yu. Tuaeva System of the institutes of moral formation in traditional Ossetian society: historical aspect
M.A. Isaichev Study of the values of the law state by P.I. Novgorodtsev in the context of Russian constitutionalism tradition and theoretical reasoning of subjective rights of the individuality
N.E. Pegovaya Idea of law reletivenism to theoretical and law methodology of P.I. Novgorodtsev and N.M. Korkunov
V.L. Rasskazov Institution of St. Petersburg detective police
G.S. Dikusar Influence of institutional sphere on corporate social responsibility of businessmen
I.V. Reyhanova Development of the competence model graduate of university from the perspective of the employer
D.Y. Savon, L.V. Kalacheva Rational ways to ensure quality of the workforce through the formation of professional competence and competitiveness of the worker of the coal industry with allowance for staff mobility
N.A. Kalmakova The concept of managing the balanced development of industrial enterprises
L.V. Kalacheva Evaluation of labor productivity factors at establishing highly productive jobplaces in Russian coal industry
O.V. Gubar Influence of computer games virtual worlds on economic relations
E.Y. Zolkin Innovative potential of agriculture in Stavropol region

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