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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #2

V. Vasechko Utility and suprautility as parameters of existential self-identification of the scientist in the statist society
E. Fedorovich Formation of the concept of scientific rationality
I. Getmanov Influence of post-nonclassic ideas on modern natural science
A.A. Chukhno, M.V. Likhushina, Y. Morozova Global and national context of personality socialization in educational sphere
N. Mamchits, D. Mamchits Manipulation technologies and techniques of mass media in terms of modern information society
V.N. Goncharov Public information in the context of public consciousness as the social and philosophical analysis of a way of society coordination
O. Golubeva, A. Fedyaev «Spiritual» in the structure of being, society and man: philosophical and cultural analysis
T.I. Eroshenko Subjectivization and desubjectivization in social space
O.Y. Kolosova Communicative processes in media space of modern society
V. Akaev, B. Nanaeva Social and political phenomenon “Islamism” in the North Caucasus: peculiarities of expression an measures of contradiction
V. Akaev, A. Buttaeva Construction activity of the state in the development of secular and religious forms of education
D Uleschenko Methodological construct of war specifics research in the context of modern epoch
T.P. Matyash, D.V. Matyash, E.E. Nesmeyanov Idea of pan Slavism: pro et contra (retrospective of viewpoints)
T. Bondarenko Reality of the virtual: instrumental review
V.V. Kotlyarova, S.S. Kochnev, N.A. Dmitrienko AXIOLOGICAL SAFETY IMPERATIVES
Y.A. Petrova, I. Tkachenko, V. Cheremina Peculiarities of cross-cultural values research
I. Alekseenko The specificity of theoretical approaches to the definition of individual’s professional subjectivity
A.V. Belov Concept of conscious nationalism of N. Debolsky (175 anniversary of the thinker)
E.V. Kharlamov, E.K. Sklyarova, N. Semenova Service to the community of Russian mercy sisters (to the 150 anniversary of Russian Red Cross)
O. Shafranova Female teachers in the educational space of the North Caucasus in the second half of the XIX — the first third of the XX centuries
K.G. Malikhin Post Bolshevik Russia: Menshevik’s prognosis in 1930s
M.A. Gutieva, Z.U. Tsarakhova USSR universities cooperation in the South of Russia during Great Patriotic War
A. Sugaipova The main directions of the Komsomol organizations of the Grozny region (1944-1945)
V.V. Naukhatskiy State agrarian policy and rural population of Russia: stages and trends (1960-2010 years)
E. Shandulin Mikhail M. Stasyulevich. Liberal image as a reflection of professional activity
N. Tikhonova The image of Balkan states on pages of «Russkaya mysl» at the beginning of the XX century (on the example of Serbia, Montenegro, Romania)
K.A. Barmuta Transformation of the main directions of improving the efficiency of management of industrial enterprise in the conditions of modernization of regional economy
L. Popova International organizations as the actors of international relations: the problem of political and legal efficiency measurement
N. Shvydenko, N. Osadchaya, A. Murzin, S. Murzina Socio-ecological and economic evaluation of energy efficient housing construction
P.V. Zhukov Problems of the functioning of international trade-industrial corporations in Russia: modern condition and prospects
F. Aksyuta Process approach to management of innovative projects
E.E. Nesmeyanov Review on the book by I. Tatarovskaya “Myths of the peoples of tropical and South Africa: essence of spiritual and social life of African society”. Moscow, 2016

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