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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #5

Development of the theory of the noosphere by V.I. Vernadsky in the scientific works of N.N. Moiseev (to the 100 anniversary of N.N. Moiseev)
V.A. Snegirev on the nature of human knowledge (175 years since the day of birth of the thinker)
Ontological meaning in postnonclassical methodology
Fantastic science and practices" as philosophical and analytical genre
Civil nation formation features in Russia: way from ethnocultural identity to civil
Values of national-cultural ideology as the basis of socio-economic development of Russia
Tolerance as a moral value of spiritual culture of the North Caucasus in the conditions of modern Russian society transformation
Knowledge as "the sinless state of mind"
Conceptualization of the notion "economic security" in the historical-philosophical discourse
Globalization and religious diversity
The axiological aspect of death in I.A. Ilyin’s philosophy
Problems of socialization of a personality in the system of culture
The reality and contradictions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Right for respect of private and family life in the practice of European court on human’s right
The Don doctors and Pirogov’s society (to the 100 anniversary of Russian revolution in 1917)
Genesis of professional identity in Soviet society
Solutions to problems of the administrative-territorial division of Russia in the early 20th century (on the example of Siberia)
South-Eastern Russian church Cathedral of 1919: order of work and procedure of decision making in the light of documental heritage
To the question on the formation of Russian identity in the Don and Kuban
Creation and activity of the first convents of the Caucasian diocese in the middle of the XIX century
The formation of a mobile warehouse for the supply of the army in Nizhny Novgorod in 1812
Ecology and economics: role of local municipal authorities in optimization of their correlation as a condition of a continuous rise of economy efficiency of RF
To the problem of forecasting the processes in the geopolitically unstable areas (regions) of the contemporary world
Socio-humanistic tourist values in the context of utilitarianism utility forms
To the question about the dynamics of development of the hotel industry and tourism of the Rostov region in preparation for FIFA world cup in Russia 2018
Planning in healthcare — "cure" from the market?

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