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Issue #6

A.V. Belov Historism principle in culture philosophy by Herder
A. Tazayan Epistemological status of the principle of objectivity in the methodology of K. Marx
N. Morozova, O. Buryakova, N. Alieva Non-linear revision of the nature of digital impacts on human and society
A.A. Lisitsyna On the phenomenon of pseudoscience, its characteristic features and typology
E.V. Papchenko Technoscience: state and humanity aspect
A. Kholodova Personality and personal experience in modern philosophy
M. Bobreshova Copying as a method of translation of canonical icon-scientific traditions
A. Rudenko Philosophy of museum culture in the system «man — nature — society»
E. Ivushkina, I. Kushnir, D. Ruslyakov Information space of operation processes of housing and communal services of the region on the example of the Rostov region
E. Salnikov, V. Kuzmenkov Culture of left extremism in the context of anomie
V. Tsechoev, Yu. Borozinets History and law theme in works by A.P. Pronstein (to 100 anniversary of national science classic)
E. Kalabukhova Political and economic prerequisites for the formation of a socialist worldview in the domestic art culture of Stavropol region in 1950-1970s
N. Manukovsky Features of internal way of artels of the Don miners in the second half of the XIX century
T. Kulumbekova, L. Kulumbegova Liquidity indicators of large strategic banks in RF
O.V. Avdeichik, A.V. Struk Environmental empire of innovative functioning of the industrial economic sector
S. Tsgoev Reasons of inflation decrease in RF and consequences of inflation targeting policy
S. Migalkina, L. Popova Factors affecting the attitude of modern youth to unregistered marriage in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
E. Lyubushkina Book review: Nemashkalov P.G. The Black Sea Marie-Magdalen Women's Pustyn: the history of the foundation and formation of the monastery. Stavropol, 2019
V International science and practical conference: “DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS” Vladikavkaz, December 3-4, 2019
I. Gergiev, A. Akieva, V. Tsallagova Value thinking as a component of corporate management
I. Gergiev, D. Gabalova, Z. Gabaraeva Corporate management of mobile infrastructure and the introduction of 5G technologies in the digital economy
G. Gigolaev, K. Dobaeva, M. Khadikova The influence of the state on the formation of a management strategy for a company with state participation
G. Gigolaev, G. Kadzaev, M. Marzaev The interaction of corporate business and the state for sustainable social development
L. Gurieva, S. Privezentsev, A. Konopelkina Assessment of corporate management effectiveness of companies with state participation
L. Gurieva, M. Khanikoev, L. Tuaeva Strategic outlines of corporate activities
L. Gurieva, A. Khekilaev, R. Salagaev Organizational aspects of the directors board creation process
A. Kirguev, S. Bibaeva, Z. Nafieva Main directions of corporate management optimization in joint stock companies
A. Pozmogov, A. Gergaulov, V. Cherkasova Impact of predictive analytics on company performance in the digital economy
Z. Tavasieva, I. Merkulova, E. Mamukova Financial risk management in the corporate management system
Z. Tavasieva, N. Sikoeva, I. Khachirova Social activity and business responsibility: foreign and Russian experience
I. Toguzova, D. Bolloeva, A. Kabisova Impact of corporate governance on the effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions of a public company
I. Toguzova, V. Nosenko, V. Zhuravleva Methods for assessing the synergetic effects of mergers and acquisitions
I. Toguzova, N. Shapranov, V. Shapranova Contribution of management of Russian companies to increasing the value of shares
S. Tokaeva, D. Dzhikaeva, D. Stradomskaya Theory and methodology of management decision making: a problematic approach
S. Tokaeva, E. Saralieva, S. Rubaev Role of companies in the sustainable development of the region
D. Torchinova, L. Torchinova Modeling a strategy for launching a new product on the basis of a project approach
E. Tskhovrebova, K. Chebotaeva Features of corporate management at various stages of company's life cycle

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