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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #3

M. Magomedova Analysis of migration processes in the North Caucasus in the context of ensuring national security
N. Tetenkov Socio-philosophical aspects of multiple subjectivity
A.V. Belov Pushkin speech by F.M. Dostoevsky (to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer)
A. Perekrestova The point as an ontological symbol in the concept of V.V. Kandinsky
Ya. Evdokimov Evolution stages of relations between the authorities and regional print media between 1985-1991 (based on materials of the Rostov region)
P. Kondratiev, N. Tatarov The evaluation of the small enterprise financial condition
Modern contradictions and prospects for the development of the world economy
L. Gurieva, I. Dzhioeva Prospects for the innovative development of agriculture in South Ossetia
F. Dzodzikova, A. Tuayev Small business in South Ossetia: state, problems and directions of development
E. Kharebov, M. Akoeva Agrarian potential for the development of rural areas of the Republic of South Ossetia
Social processes in modern world
A. Dzhioev Deteriorating demographic situation in Russia and its impact on the labor market
S. Rubanovskaya, M. Dzukaeva Analysis of the indicators dynamics for the position of disabled people in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
E. Khachaturova, E. Khutinaeva Social stratification in Russia
T. Khetagurova, I. Khetagurova The role of non-profit organizations in solving social problems of society
Digital economy: new infrastructure and opportunities
I. Ezeeva, Z. Soskieva Modern Internet marketing tools
Development of mechanisms of state and municipal administration
L.M. Fidarova, A. Bagaev The history of pensions in Russia
L.M. Fidarova, A. Bagaev Pension system of the Russian Federation
M. Basnukaev, R. Basnukaev Delegation of powers in the Russian Federation: organizational problems
M. Btemirova Analysis of the dynamics of budget spending on social policy
G. Gigolaev, S. Ramonov Influence of the regional policy of the state on the development of small enterprises
G. Danilyants, I. Gergiev Analysis of the monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation during the COVID-19 pandemic
M.S. Dzhagaeva, E. Dzhioeva Investment attractiveness of municipalities as an indicator of the efficiency of municipal management (on the example of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania)
D. Edziev, I. Tavkazakhov Development of the principles of budgetary federalism in the system of interbudgetary relations of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
L.E. Kabisova Problems of the spatial development of Russia
T. Marzaganova, M. Fidarov The effectiveness of municipal programs as a factor of regional development
L. Rubaeva, G. Bagaev Government bonds. RF Federal Loan Bond market
L. Rubaeva, Z. Shotaev The system of state support for agriculture and its effectiveness
Factors of sustainable development of the Russian economy and its regions
A. Kamalov, O. Zhukovets Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of the tourism sector
S.S. Kamberdieva, A. Pliev The role of alcohol production in the development of the state economy
A. Matevosyan, M. Tegetaeva Evaluation of the effectiveness of industrial policy (on the example of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania)
M.S. Dzhagaeva, S. Rubanovskaya Realization of the transit potential of North Ossetia
M.S. Dzhagaeva, S. Rubanovskaya Results and prospects of foreign economic activity of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
E. Khachaturova, L. Hamitseva Transition to "green" energy in Russia
T. Khetagurova, M. Eleeva Analysis of pricing policy in competitive food markets
Theory and practice of corporate management: institutions, tools, innovations
Z. Aylarova, A. Khaeva Business process modeling: approaches, methods, stages
Z. Aylarova, A. Khaeva Features of the process control system
L. Gurieva, S. Akhpolov Promising areas of digital transformation of corporate business
L. Gurieva, S. Kochenov Barriers to innovative development of corporate business
O. Dzhioeva, O. Tandelova Fundamentals of enterprise cash flow management in the digital economy
Z. Dzokaeva Categories of professional and industry interests: distinctive features of collegial functioning
M. Kelekhsaeva, M. Bazoev Integrated risk management tools and techniques in a bank
O. Kozaeva, D. Gogichaeva Commercial bank income, its composition and structure, growth reserves
V. Tadtaeva, E. Fomicheva, A. Tsutsiev Mergers and acquisition problems in Russian companies
L.M. Fidarova, M. Metsaeva Economic interests of the parties in the process of interaction between business and government
O. Cherkasova, D. Postnova Financial strategy: concept and role in the development of the enterprise
S. Yablochnikov, V. Dzobelova, A. Salamova The main aspects of improving the outsourcing implementation process
Information technology in economics and management
E. Khutinaeva, I. Gagloeva, A. Kanatov Risk management of a project to automate business processes of medical services
I. Gagloeva, Yu. Sakhansky Fuzzy sets in economics

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