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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #6

S. Podoprigora Social and philosophic analysis of man’s self-creation problem within the context of post-industrial society
V. Akaev, N. Vagabova Religious and political extremism in society: factors of determination, dynamics and measures of resistance
V. Mekhanikov Development prospects of “Internet of things” and consciousness of a modern person
A. Alferov To the question on the nature of historical reality
Y.A. Shestakov Methodological foundations of historical consciousness as a factor in the culture of national security
T.P. Matyash, D.V. Matyash, E.E. Nesmeyanov Religious sources of European and Russian culture demarcation within the context of European security
V.A. Ter-Arakelyants Gassendi and Epikur
A.V. Belov “Soul is higher and most precious” (170 anniversary of P. Astafiev)
E. Fedorovich Rational and irrational manifestations in the culture of pre-scientific period
M. Tyurina Language of the revolutional power: encratic and acratic discourses
T. Bespalova Russian song as a cultural form of national self-consciousness and spirituality: conceptualization problem
O. Snegovaya, N. Dolganovskaya, M. Katicheva Cultural aspects in the concepts of globalization
A.B. Arzumanyan Right for the brand name: some questions of law regulation
N. Pukhovskaya Relations between the Third Reich and Great Britain in the interwar period
R.S. Ayriyan “We do not need it physically or economically, but we need it morally”: ratification of UN Charter in US Congress
V. Shcherbakov The Jewish community of Germany in the politics of the "Left"
M.A. Ponomareva Historical, socio-cultural and territorial features of post-urban settlements in Russia formation (problem statement)
I. Khvostova Formation of the basis of medical care in Nizhny Novgorod region in the second half of the XIX century: experience of Nizhny Novgorod Land
R. Razakov The role and place of the bolsheviks in the struggle for authority in Dagestan
N. Pukhovsky Activity of the Don security authorities in the second half of 1930s — beginning 1940s: real and pseudo struggle with espionage and subversive activities (on the material of the archive MFSS of Rostov Region)
M. Zhbannikova, M. Pyatikova University community in Great Patriotic War years: fate of Rostov state university
S. Musayeva The main stages of the cultural policies reforms in the USSR in the context of the relationship between the authorities and the creative intellectuals in the second half of 1980's
D. Isaev, N. Trapsh City teacher in Russian society: the systemic change of professional identity in the conditions of post-Soviet transformation
S.Y. Murtuzalieva Important questions of the EAEU agenda
V.V. Filonich, E. Midler, B. Vashaev Government, corporations and sciences in the national innovation system: mechanisms of harmonization and coordination
I. Kuznetsova Leadership models realized by the leaders of modern Russian companies
L. Klimenko, A. Ermishina, G. Donchevsky Information and communications technology in post-urban lifestyles
M.A. Ivanchenko, V.V. Levchuk Modern market state of catering in Rostov Region
V. Fedotova Peculiarities of value orientations and economic sets-up of Perm and Perm region citizens

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