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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #6

E.L. Pavlova Crisis in modern Russia: matrix or reality (on the question on the crisis essence in modern Russian consciousness)
S.S. Sudakov Casual links of pragmatism philosophy and the concept of “American exceptionalism”
L.S. Burkina Deviation interpretation: social and cultural aspect
E.O. Tischenko Idea of androgynism in national idea – from classics to post-modernism (methodological aspects)
V.A. Ter-Arakelyants Epicureanism of Lucian of Samosata and his attitude towards Christianity
E. Bendin, V.V. Boguslavskaya, I.V. Boguslavsky Museum of memories: role of space and material objects in people’s memories of mature age
S.A. Dauev On some factors of ethnocultural identity formation
O.S. Butenko, V.S. Butenko Psychological prevention measures of extremism and terrorism
V.N. Makarova, E.K. Sklyarova, O.V. Gerasimova Comparative aspects of medical and social problems prevention in Great Britain and Russia
S.A. Pisarenko Experimental research of the comprehension peculiarities of tone correlation in accordance with light conditions
I.N. Kirilenko Precondition of children and parental relations by gender peculiarities of the subjects
E.S. Gailomazova Event as the main unit of the background knowledge of the text
L.A. Pogosyan, T.V. Veselaya Political culture as a factor of social activity of young people: the political and legal analysis
S.V. Denisenko Modern interpretation of mediation
А.В. Arzumanyan The main approaches to concept definition of nonmaterial benefits in connection with the civil legislation reform
E.A. Zherebnenko Characteristics of compulsory labor as a form of punishment in the articles of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
M.M. Beteeva, M.K. Tskhovrebova To the question of marriage and family relations according to common law of the Ossetians
M.A. Isaichev Intellectual and spiritual theoretical-methodological basis in the law concept by P.I. Novgorodtsev
V.L. Khamov, M.A. Cherkasova Individual mental and modernization process in modern Russia
V.L. Khamov, M.A. Cherkasova Basic concepts and models of regional safety as the system constituent of national safety
V.V. Demidtchenko Russian conservatism at the end of XIX–XX centuries. Political ideas of "westernizers" and "slavophiles"
N.S. Ivanenko Anxiety students in the context of territorial stratification
N.А. Levaya Incomplete family in Russia: problems of social regulation
I.U. Orlova Methodological analysis of definitions of economic behavior of the individual
G.A. Chebotarev Neoclassic and Keynesian concepts of balanceas the tool of economic analysis
L.V. Kalacheva Technical soundness criteria for inclusion workplaces key personnel for VPRM based on indicators of performance appraisal for the coal industry
D.Y. Savon, L.V. Kalacheva, I.V. Petrov Staffing of the enterprises of the coal industry as condition of growth of labor productivity and creation of high-performance workplaces
I.P. Borodina, S.Y. Churikova Analysis of the socio-economic factors, affecting the choice of entrants
Science and research work on the topic: “Factors and mechanisms of situation destabilization in North Caucasus: Islamism, nationalism and regionalism”
A.Z. Adiyev The North Caucasus in the Discourse of the National Safety of Russia
S.Y. Suschiy Terrorist underground of the North Caucasus — current trends
V.V. Tsibenko Self-arised terror: the Great East islamic raiders front
D.V. Makovskaya, R.F. Pateev Forms, methods and technologies of historical myths construction on the mythologizing of the "Circassian Issue"
Y.V. Kokin Historical Fiction in the post on the materials of the Crimean Tatar issue: the content, forms and methods of relaying
E.A. Dobrina The Observing of Circassian Problematics in the Arab Segment of the Internet
N.A. Trapsh Georgian view on the Abkhazian history as intellectual factor of the geopolitical confrontation in the Caucasus

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