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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #5

V. Goncharov, O. Kolosova Global studies in the system of scientific knowledge
I. Tkacheva Philosophy of cognitive sciences: from the difficult problem of consciousness to artificial intelligence
A.V. Belov Criticism of nihilism by N.Ya. Danilevsky (200 years since the birth of the Russian thinker)
K. Alilova, A. Alilov Ecological morality of the Dagestan society and ways of its formation
A. Suleimanov Winter roads «zimnik» in the transport system of Yakutia in the XIX — beginning of XX centuries
N. Neklyudov Tactical platform of Russian Centrist Liberals (Democratic Reform Party and Peaceful Renewal Party): comparative analysis
Models and mechanisms for the development of the Russian Federation economy under sanction restrictions
S. Abaeva, D. Kokaeva The role of marketing in developing the competitiveness of enterprises providing medical services to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
I. Arenkov, V. Simonchuk Current marketing practices in small and medium-sized businesses
R.I. Batyaeva The influence of modern socio-economic policy on the income level of the Russian population
Z. Bekmurzaeva Problems of modern logistics
V. Bukulova, L. Kabisova The process of developing and making managerial decisions
E. Bydtaeva Main approaches and requirements to state regulation of regions’ industrial development
V. Dzhabiev The mechanism for ensuring food security of the Republic of South Ossetia in the context of sanctions restrictions in Russia
M.S. Dzhagaeva, D. Byasov The effectiveness of state policy in relation to the development of regional economic systems
I. Dzhioeva, A. Tekhov Improving the public administration of the Republic of South Ossetia in the field of construction
O. Dzhioeva, D. Abdullaev, M. Kudusova Digital educational process management system
A. Kamalov, Z. Kaloeva The role of communication policy in the marketing of Russian national tourism
M. Kulova, A. Gadieva Regions’ economy of the North Caucasus Federal District under sanctions pressure
L. Kulumbegova Business entities: concept, types and features of the legal status
I. Kuchieva, E. Khetagurova Digital marketing in the tourism industry
I. Sugarova Debt policy as a component of the economic security of the region
V. Bukulova, D. Tadtaev The role of management decisions in the socio-economic and political life in the Republic of South Ossetia during the pandemic
N. Tadtaeva, B. Bagaev State debt management: problems and mechanisms for improvement
O. Tandelova, M. Kudusova Transformation of the digital production management system
T. Shelkunova Development of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation under sanctions restrictions
Factors of demographic development of regions in the context of the economy digitalization
Z. Bagaeva Features of labor motivation of modern youth of North Ossetia-Alania
L. Gurieva Positive dynamics of the Russian labor market as a negative consequence of demographic processes
A. Dzhioev Youth employment: global trends in the post-pandemic world
N. Kaberty The level and features of the demographic load of the labor generation in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District
N. Kaberty, A. Kaberty Demographic burden of the working age population by children and its features in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District
A. Dzhioev, Z. Kaloeva Socio-demographic problems of small towns in North Ossetia-Alania
Z. Pashaeva, R. Kasumyan Study of the demographic component of the formation of labor resources in the region
Z. Pashaeva, R. Kasumyan Development and implementation of evidence-based regional demographic policy
D. Pilieva Correlation between the vital movement of the population and the level of unemployment in the North Caucasus Federal District
N. Pravdolyubov Missionary project without missionary work. Review of the book: Agafangel (Daineko), Bishop. "The righteous will be in eternal memory". Norilsk, 2018

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